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Last weekend was Catholics vs Convicts in Chicago as the Miami Hurricanes were taking on Notre Dame. The U ended up playing about as well Cubs pitching did this year and made the game as watchable as that new Clint Eastwood movie where he’s a baseball scout. Thankfully there were two jersey finds from the weekend to help even things out.

Sean Taylor Miami jersey

It’s not often that you see college jerseys with the names on the back because schools aren’t supposed to capitalize off of the fame of an athlete, it’s all about the team and the university and they aren’t out to make a quick buck. Yep, that’s totally believable. There are a ton of Miami Hurricanes jerseys that would be dope to rock (The Rock, Ken Dorsey, Brock Berlin, Gino Toretta, Deuce Davenport, Kevin Everett) but few would get you as much respect as rocking a Sean Taylor. Sean Taylor was the type of player that hit like a bulldozer, laid opposing receivers out, and any fan would love to have him on their team. His career was unfortunately cut short but it’s bone crushing hits like this one on Brian Moorman in the Pro Bowl that will always endear him in our hearts. I repeat, this was from the Pro Bowl (which makes it even that much more awesome).

Nothing says “We are tough and we are from The U” like your 12 year old son rocking a Reggie Wayne Miami Hurricanes jersey with a sweatshirt wrapped around his waist.

Reggie Wayne Miami jersey

If I were the Dad of this kid I would not approve of this jersey. Rocking a Reggie Wayne Miami Hurricanes jersey is way too obvious. You aren’t going to get any dap for this. Why not think outside the box and wear something that’s going to get your son respect from people 2 or 3 times his age. Instead of a Reggie Wayne jersey what if he were wearing a Brian Blades, Brett Perriman, or even a Yatil Green jersey. You don’t have to be a true fan to know Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Santana Moss, or Michael Irvin. However, if you are rocking a Chris T. Jones jersey then you my friend are flyer than a Mothafuka!

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