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Mike Tomczak chicago bears jersey

Bacon Sports regular Gibson Smith captured this Mike Tomczak Chicago Bears jersey while tailgating for last nights Monday Night Football game. Bears fans love to complain about how awful Jay Cutler is but they sure are quick to forget the turd sandwich of quarterbacks that they’ve previously had. Here’s a list of some of the notable starting quarterbacks for the Chicago Bears since 1990:

  • Jim Harbaugh
  • Mike Tomczak
  • Dave Kreig
  • Rick Mirer
  • Dave Krieg
  • Steve Walsh
  • Peter Tom Willis
  • Shane Matthews
  • Cade McNown
  • Jim Miller
  • Kordell Stewart
  • Sexy Rexy
  • Craig Krenzel
  • Chad Hutchinson
  • Jonathan Quinn
  • Kyle Orton
  • Brian Griese

Sure Jay Cutler’s gunslinging tendencies may get him into trouble sometimes, and sure his demeanor and emotions are less than ideal, but come on. The difference between Jay Cutler and the majority of these other signal callers is like the difference between having Matt Forte or Curtis Enis at running back.

Of the wonderful Bears quarterbacks on that list I’d have to say that Mike Tomczak would be in the upper third for how good of a QB he was for the team. In seven seasons he had a 21-10 record which is pretty awesome but most of the time the team was winning despite him. He threw more INT’s (47) than he did TD’s (33) and was only good for about 200 yards passing per game. Sounds like Rex Grossman did a great Tomczak impression during his playing days with the Bears.

The highlight of Tomczak’s career was that he played the guitar in the 85 Bears Super Bowl Shuffle video. Fast forward to the 2:48 mark to see his sweet moves.


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