Tapping The Future With Miller Lite And A Bacon Sports Update

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miller-lite-tap-the-future-bacon-sportsBaconators. Mount Up!

It’s been almost a year since I first posted about what’s going on in the guts of Bacon Sports. We’ve had a lot of awesomeness go down since then and I wanted to share it with everyone and let you know what’s going on. We want you to feel part of the Bacon Sports community and know that we aren’t just building a website. We are striving for greater things and are happy to have you along for the ride!

I’m a big fan of Shark Tank as well as beer. Well those two awesome things converged in the form of the Miller Lite Tap The Future business competition. Miller Lite, with the help of Daymond John, want to help turn great friends into great ventures. Entrepreneurs who think they’ve got a great idea could submit an application for a chance to pitch their company in front of Mr. Shark Tank himself and win a share of $300k.

My partner in crime G-Hunt and I are great friends creating bacon, sports, and beer awesomeness so this seemed like the perfect fit for us. Pitching the company in front of Daymond John plus getting a chance to win some prize money to help out the business? We bout it bout it. We submitted our application online and like the Ronco Rotisserie Cooker, we set it and forget it.

Too much of our delight the great people at Miller Lite thought that combining three of the greatest things in life and doing so in a fun and integrated way had what it takes to be a semi-finalist for this competition. Out of thousands of entries they selected 25 companies/startups and we were one of them. Upon hearing this amazing news we felt like the Lakers did after they traded away Kwame Brown plus some spare parts to acquire Pau Gasol (by the way, Marc Gasol was one of those spare parts. Boy did he turn out to be better than expected).

tap-the-future-miami-eviteNow for the fun stuff. On Tue, July 8 at the Nikki Beach Club in Miami we’ll be pitching against four other startup’s (no clue who) for $20k straight cash homey! The winner heads to the finals a month later against four more startups where there’s a grand prize of $200k.

At the pitch competition we’ll have 5 minutes to tell the Bacon Sports story and share our vision for the company. After that we’ll have 10 minutes to answer questions from the judges. No doubt it’ll be 15 of the biggest minutes of our lives. It’s an opportunity that we are unbelievably excited for and something that we are going to absolutely crush. We only know one way of doing things and that’s at maximum awesomaticity.

The Bacon Sports mission is for us to create the awesomest sports media company ever and we want it to be something that is fun and makes sports fans lives better. We are thankful to everyone who reads our articles, interacts with us on social media, and comes to our events. We are doing this pitch for you!

To add even more fuel to the awesomeness fire, we are throwing our second Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration on Sat, Aug 23 at Union Station (in Chicago). If you didn’t attend last year here’s a taste of what went down.

Combining bacon and sports and good beer with rocking jerseys, shooting pop-a-shot, playing Nerf games, creating fun Matrix like poses at the Action Booth, all while a killer DJ pumps out 90’s/00’s hip hop ends up being a really good time.

For those of you who dig those things and plan on attending the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration we ask a favor from you. Throw us a bone and buy your ticket now instead of waiting until two days before the event. We know, planning ahead is almost as painful as listening to Barbie Girl by Aqua on repeat, but tickets are cheaper now then they’ll be two days before plus it’ll be worth it. The better idea we have on expected attendance the more awesomeness we can pack into the Celebration. To help make your decision even easier you can use promo code “tapthefuture” for an exclusive discount on tickets.

One again thanks for all your support and make sure to check back in as we’ll be creating exclusive content from our time down in Miami. As always you can hit us up on Twitter @BaconSports and let us know your thoughts, ideas, and other random goodness.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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