MLB Playoffs Sports Trivia Quiz

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mlb-playoffs-sports-triviaWith some guy named Derek Jeter retiring and the weather cooling down, the baseball playoffs are starting to heat up. We’ve already seen the Royals have a memorable comeback to advance to the divisional round and win their first game, and the Pirates blow a 162-game season in a matter of two hours. Who knows what we’ll have next. Try some MLB Playoffs sports trivia to see how well you know America’s national pastime.

1. This often absent-minded slugger, who was busted for PEDs, holds the record for hitting the most HRs in MLB playoff history. Who is he?

2. What former Yankee & Astros pitcher holds the record for collecting the most playoff wins?

3. Until the 2014 playoffs, this player, nicknamed “The Big Donkey,” held the record for playing the most career games without ever appearing in the playoffs. Who is he?

4. What NL team is the oldest MLB franchise never to have had an MVP?

5. What speedy center fielder, and former college basketball player, holds the record for most career stolen bases in the playoffs with 34?

6. With the Kansas City Royals recently ending their 29 year playoff drought, this franchise currently holds the distinction for missing the playoffs the most consecutive years. Who are they?

7. In 2004, what team became the last to win 100 games during the regular season and lose the World Series? (This team also won the most regular season games in MLB history without winning the World Series.)

8. What MLB franchise holds the record for most consecutive playoff appearances?

9. This 10-time Gold Glove Award winning CF, who at 19 years old was the youngest player ever to hit a home run in a World Series game. Who is he?

10. What power pitcher, and former video game development company owner, holds the record for most innings pitched during one post-season?

Before the big reveal, here are some seminal moments from baseball playoff history…

An Aaron Boone Walkoff…

And Jeremy Giambi doing his best Usain Bolt impression…and failing



1. Manny Ramirez 29 HRs
2. Andy Pettitte 19 wins
3. Adam Dunn
4. New York Mets were established in 1962
5. Kenny Lofton
6. Toronto Blue Jays 21 seasons
7. St. Louis Cardinals 105 wins
8. Atlanta Braves 14 seasons (1991-2005)
9. Andruw Jones
10. Curt Schilling 48.1 IP in 2001


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