MLB Trivia To Get Your Juices Flowing

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After a winter that is seemingly never ending, we are approaching spring training, fantasy baseball drafts, and Opening Day. With that in mind, here are some MLB trivia questions to help you get back to the American Pastime.

1. This player, who loves Hooters restaurants, holds the record for most RBIs by a third baseman? Who is he?

2. What former NL MVP, who is also Canadian, holds the record for having the most walks in a season while hitting less than 25 HRs?

3. What father-son duo holds the record or hitting the most combined home runs?

4. Who are the only two current players that are the all-time franchise HR leaders for their current franchise? (Hint: Both players play in Florida.)

5. Who is the only member of the Minnesota Twins to be inducted to the baseball Hall of Fame while playing his entire career with the franchise?

6. Who was the last player to start the MLB All-Star game after 40 years old?

7. During the decade of the 1990’s, this player had the highest batting average of any player in the American League for a season?

8. In 1998, this player became the last pitcher to have the highest salary per season in the major leagues. Who is he?

9. This player holds the record for having the most hits during the decade of the 90s?

10. This pitcher was the last National Leaguer to win both the Cy Young Award and the MVP in the same season. Who is he?

What does it feel like to get hit with a Randy Johnson fastball? This might give you an indication


Albert Belle doing his best Ray Lewis impression…



1. Chipper Jones
2. Joey Votto 135 walks & 24 HRs
3. Bobby & Barry Bonds 1094 HRs
4. Giancarlo Stanton – Miami Marlins & Evan Longoria – Tampa Bay Rays
5. Kirby Puckett
6. Derek Jeter in 2014
7. Nomar Garciaparra batted .322 in 1997
8. Kevin Brown $15 million per season
9. Mark Grace 1,754 hits
10. Clayton Kershaw

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