Most extensive Poinsettia Bowl preview involving only Arizona Cardinals QB’s

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pointsettia bowl

pointsettia bowl

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl – BYU Cougars vs San Diego State University.

The San Diego County Credit Union must be doing pretty well for themselves if they can sponsor a bowl game. I’d imagine shit’s expensive. Someone in their marketing department must have said “The best way to spend our advertising budget is to sponsor a bowl between a 7-5 Independent and a 9-3 WAC team”. I mean, I don’t think any person living or working more than 30 minutes outside of San Diego County would really bank with the SDCCU (I don’t want to type that out anymore), so only about 99% of the people they reach won’t be able to take advantage of their services. They should have just taken half of what they spent on bowl sponsorship and advertised with BaconSports, and the other half of their budget with a banner in a couple local high school gyms.

So now that we covered bowl sponsorship commitments, let’s talk defense. As in BYU has an angry, impenetrable defense. The Mormon defense has been especially stingy, giving up a stout of 1.8 yards per rush over their last three games. To put that in perspective, when those teams ran against BYU, they gained an equal of Earl Boykins. I bemoan this point because San Diego State loves to pound the ball on the ground. If we call that a wash, then it’ll come down type of penetration BYU’s offense can achieve against a decent SDSU defense. Since penetration is frowned upon in Provo, expect a low scoring game, and SDSU to come out on top.

Also, there’s no chance in hell Jabari Parker goes and announces he’s going to BYU tonight that is unless they give him Cecil Newton money. Has one and done in Duke blue written all over him.

The pick – San Diego State +2.5 (and on the money line +120 if you’re man enough)

Bowl Blasts From the Past (Arizona Cardinal QB edition – Warning…NSFW)

BYU Cougars – Max Hall – 2010 Arizona Cardinals – 10/10 on the suck scale

Out of all the exotic bowl locations that a team has no distractions, Brigham Young in Las Vegas has to be the easiest. A whole bunch of Latter-Day Saints just sitting in their hotel rooms studying their playbooks at the Bellagio, watching game tape in the MGM Sportsbook, pregame prayer at The Little White Wedding Chapel. I’m sure Max Hall and company did all these things before putting a thumpin on Oregon State 44-20 in the 2009 Las Vegas MAACO Bowl. Hall threw three TD’s to earn MVP honors. That probably was the apex of his football career, as his stint with the Arizona Cardinals could only be described as “2012-ish”. In his debut, he threw three passes for a grand total of nine feet with one interception. In six games (three starts), he threw A touchdown and six INTs plus tack on two lost fumbles for good measure. But in all honesty, that’s an upgrade over the next guy.

San Diego State University Aztecs –Ryan Lindley – 2012 Arizona Cardinals – 16/10 on the suck scale

I never actually saw the movie, so if this doesn’t make sense, just pretend it does. But Ryan Lindley’s quarterback life is basically Benjamin Button. While watching him post an LOL/vomit inducing 0:5 TD to INT ratio, you wouldn’t be ridiculed if you wondered aloud if he ever took snaps at any level before the NFL. If you told me he won a 4th and Long type reality show hosted by Jake Plummer, I would verbally say “No way” but internally say “Knew it”. In reality, Lindley was pretty decent at SDSU, even leading them to their first bowl victory in 12 years (others with that team: Denver Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman, San Diego Chargers broken ankled Vincent Brown and now Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke – no word if he wore a headset then either).  Lindley is 13th on the NCAA FBS career passing yardage list with 12,690 yards. At the pace he’s on now, Lindley will need to play almost five more complete NFL seasons to reach that total. I’m not a betting man (yes, I am), but I don’t think he’s going to make it that long. Hopefully he got something better than a journalism degree.

-This was written by Jim Cook

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