Most Patriotic Wrestlers of All-Time

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hulk-hogan-usa-flagThe World Cup has wrapped up for Team USA, but patriotism is still running high. Naturally, that led me to think, who were the most patriotic wrestlers of all time? In order to make the list, I looked for guys who were red, white, and blue all the way. If they didn’t incorporate the Stars and Stripes in a hardcore way into their act, they wouldn’t make the cut. Here is the final outcome.

Hulk Hogan


The most decorated wrestler of all time is also one of the most patriotic brothers ever to dance in the squared circle. His entrance music was titled “Real American.” When you heard the words “I am a real American”, you knew Hogan was bringing the American funk and noise, brother. Hogan was involved in so many patriotic bouts it is hard to pick the best. When I hear the name Hulk Hogan, I think of I am a real American blaring with Hogan waving the stars and stripes:

Most Patriotic Moment: Beating Nikolai Volkoff in a Flag match, spitting on the Russian flag and proceeding to shine his shoes with it, and then waving Old Glory in celebration.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan


A wrestler with a 2×4 and an American flag screaming, “HOOOOOOOOO,” could be considered the most patriotic of all wrestlers. He had a stellar 80’s intro song, and never failed at waving the Stars and Stripes before matches to get the crowd riled up. He even won the first Royal Rumble. But what made him such as likeable patriot was the fact that he was always feuding and defending the country versus evil foreign villains like: Boris Zhukov, Dino Bravo (Canadian), Earthquake, Andre the Giant, King Haku, Col. Mustafa, Tanaka, Sato, and Yokozuna back in the day.

Most Patriotic Moment: Here is some classic Hacksaw taking care of business in Royal Rumble 1988.

Made in the USA Lex Luger


The Narcissist. Luger was a true American, obsessed with himself, his physique, and more importantly his country. Luger made sure to reveal his true American pride when he body slammed the 600 pound Yokozuna aboard the USS Intrepid. Arriving via helicopter donning a stars and stripes shirt even the U.S. soccer team would be proud of, Luger slammed the giant Japanese beast to put America at the top.

Most Patriotic Moment: Slamming Yokozuna on 4th of July aboard the USS intrepid in a red white and blue shirt that he must have borrowed from Uncle Jesse.

Sgt. Slaughter


This is one of the most controversial patriots in the wrestling game. Slaughter was a staunch patriot, dressed in the gear of Army camo, who portrayed the typical military leader. Taking out the hated Iron Shiek showed his willingness to defend his country and put him on the map. Although he turned heel on us all, it was over the WWF accepting a Russian wrestler, so it had strong patriotic beliefs tied to it. After the dark days, it was Slaughter campaigning that he “wanted his country back” and then helped rescue fellow patriot Hacksaw Jim Duggan and for this we salute you, sergeant.

Most Patriotic Moment: Defeating General Adnan and Col. Mustafa in a flag match, coming full circle to support of the U.S.A. and leading the raucous crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Kurt Angle


An Olympic Gold Medal – check. Red, white, and blue tights –check. Rocky-themed entrance music – check. There are not too many wrestlers more patriotic than Kurt Angle. After winning the gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Angle joined the WWE and quickly worked his way up the ladder to become WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Most Patriotic Moment: This was Angle’s first appearance in the WWF. He made it known he was hardcore U-S-A all the way by standing up to Tiger Ali Singh.

The Patriot


Despite the fact that The Patriot was only around the WWF approximately 6 months, he had to make the list. The guy, essentially, was decked out in red, white, and blue from head to toe during his wrestling career and had stately entrance music. His claim to fame in the WWF was his feud with the Canadian Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who had some anti-American views at the time. He defeated Hart the first time they faced one another, but lost to Hart in a title match. After that loss, he lasted only a few more months in the WWF. Although his patriotism was never in question, what drops him lower on the list, other than his short career, is that his mask is frightening. It could have easily been mistaken for something from Silence of the Lambs.

Most Patriotic Moment: Defeating Bret Hart and sending that hoser back to Canada (apologies for the German audio.)

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