Movember Day 2: Digging through my Baseball cards

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random baseball and basketball cards featuring players with mustaches

This weeks batch of cards features players that rock a mustache. These are the guys that were pioneers and didn’t need a worthy cause in order to look awesome. They just looked awesome every day.

1. Sam Mitchell, 93′ NBA Hoops – Mitchell was the All Time leading scorer at Mercer University until a few years ago when James Florence took over that title. Mitchell is the only player from Mercer to ever play in the NBA. He did play 13 seasons in the NBA despite only averaging 8.7 ppg and 3.7 boards. His most impressive stat is that he lead the league in personal fouls in 91′ with 338. Similar players to Mitchell All Time would be Antoine Carr, Rick Fox, and Al Harrington.

2. Moses Malone, 95′ Upper Deck – Malone being on the Spurs is like seeing Jerry Rice in a Seahawks jersey. Some things just don’t look right. The Spurs were the last stop on Malone’s illustrious 19 year NBA career. In Malone’s last game ever he nailed an 80 footer from the opposing free throw line before the buzzer. It was only the eighth three pointer of his career. Here’s the video:

3. Purvis Short, 90′ Skybox – This card was from Short’s last season in the NBA, which was his only with the Nets. There’s not a ton to talk about with him so instead here’s a video of Byron Scott posterizing him twice.

4. Harold Reynolds, 92′ Upper Deck – H.R. was the only player other than Ricky Henderson to lead the American League in stolen bases during any season in the 80’s. 92′ was the last season on the Mariners for Reynolds and it wasn’t a pretty one. He hit a Jeff Blauser-like.247 with 3 dingers, 33 RBI’s and almost as many times caught stealing (12) as stolen bases (15). He was never known for swinging a big bat so these numbers aren’t a huge surprise. He was, however, pretty awesome in the field as he had three consecutive Gold Gloves (88′-90′)

5. Eddie Murray, 92′ Donruss Diamond Kings – We all know that Murray played for what seemed like forever and reached a few hitting milestones. Here are a few things you likely didn’t know: he was teammates with Ozzie Smith in High School, over his 21 year career he made $30,328,223, and in 96′ he was traded for Kent Mercker (who was part of two no hit games). Despite his crazy hitting numbers the best thing about Murray is his mustache. Take a look at some of these gems: Orioles MurrayTopps Murray, and Mets Murray.

6. Bryan Harvey, 93′ Donruss “Expansion Draft” – 93′ was a fantastic year for Harvey. He was an All Star, finished 8th in the Cy Young Award voting, and 14th in the MVP voting while on the expansion Florida Marlins…as a reliever! What’s even more amazing is that he had 45 saves and a 1.70 ERA for a team that finished 64-98. His sweet handlebar stache’ has to get some credit for this success as it screams intimidation.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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