Newest Mr Irrelevant Jersey Owner: Chandler Harnish

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Mr Irrelevant Jersey Chandler Harish

The NFL Draft concluded on Saturday with one of my favorite traditions, the presentation of Mr Irrelevant (the last pick of the draft). This year the Indianapolis Colts made Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish Mr. Irrelevant.

Considering that the Colts just drafted Andrew Luck the odds of Harnish making the team are about as good as Kirk Cousins beating out RGIII for the Redskins starting job. I’ve never seen anyone ever wear a Mr. Irrelevant jersey so maybe this year I’ll get lucky and catch a glimpse of a creative Colts fan rocking one. Why blend in with other Colts fans in a sea of Andrew Luck jerseys when you can be a lone wolf and get mad love for rocking this bad boy!

There is no way that Chandler Harnish is fitting into that jersey. That looks to be a 3XL.


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