My Jersey Collection #1: Mike Chapman

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I received an email from a jersey loving hoopster named Mike Chapman that included this pic of his NBA Jam arcade game and a solid crop Dallas Mavericks jerseys (some of them signed.) Since he was going hard in the paint I figured I’d give him some dap and share what he sent over.

And with that starts a new series I’m creating called My Jersey Collection which highlights the jersey collections of you bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fans in the Bacon Sports community. To have your jersey collection featured you’ve got to send over an email with pics to Make sure the pics are crisp (not grainy), tell us about it, and if the collection is good enough I’ll feature it on the site. Bonus points for any vintage gear or random sports awesomeness you throw in.

Without further ado, here’s My Jersey Collection #1: Mike Chapman.

My friends and I are all in our late 20s/early 30s and we all can’t get enough vintage 90s NBA anything. In fact, I even have a full size arcade NBA Jam. Does it get any more awesome/random than that?


As you can see, I’m a huge Dallas Mavericks fan, and have some pretty obscure (and signed) jerseys of pretty much any of Dirk’s sidekicks over the years. The gray hefty bag Finley one is a true gem, they wore those jerseys maybe 5-7 times in 2003/2004. I also have some old 90s Champion jerseys back home at my parents’ house, I’ll have to dig them up but I doubt they still fit. I know for a fact I have Reggie Miller and Penny Hardaway stashed somewhere, I know my mom tried to sell some of these at garage sales over the years.

The jersey I really really want to find is a Dennis Rodman Mavs jersey. He only played 12 games with them shortly after Cuban bought the team in 2000 and he still averaged 14.3 rebounds per game. There’s some on eBay but they’re all kids sizes. I’m definitely looking to expand my random collection that I can rock and not care if they get beer spilled on them. With the 4th of July, I’m def looking for some obscure Team USA jerseys. Since I loved the 90s Suns, I’m might have to cop a Thunder Dan jersey. If a player was in NBA Jam, I’ll probably want their jersey.

Oh, one more thing. I must find a Rex Chapman Suns black jersey. My last name is Chapman, and in high school on the basketball team most of my teammates called jokingly called me Rex since it was right around the time he hit 9 3s in the 97 playoffs.

You the man Mike. You had me at NBA Jam, I think that Dennis Rodman Mavs jersey would be an absolute gem, and you finished me off with one of my favorite players ever, Rex Chapman. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out this article I create titled “Nothing but Rex Chapman Commercials.”

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