My Jersey Collection #2: Nick Adubato

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Welcome to the second edition of My Jersey Collection, a series we feature the awesome jersey collections of sports fans in the Bacon Sports community.

To have your jersey collection featured you’ve got to send over an email with pics to Make sure the pics are crisp (not grainy), tell us about the jerseys, and if the collection is good enough I’ll feature it on the site. Bonus points for any vintage gear or random sports awesomeness you throw in, plus pics of the front & back of the jerseys.

Let’s get this party started. Say hello to My Jersey Collection #2: Nick Adubato.


I have a pretty expansive basketball jersey collection – I graduated from UConn so I have a whole bunch of UConn jerseys. I also am fortunate enough to have a Kevin Ollie game used 76ers jersey and a Ben Gordon autographed game used Bulls jersey. I also have a signed 16 x 20 picture of Shabazz Napier hitting his game winner against Florida, and an 8 x 10 of Ray Allen hitting his series saving 3 pointer for the Heat against the Spurs that I got signed at the Jim Calhoun charity basketball game.


Among some of the other jerseys I have are 3 different Kemba Walker Bobcats jerseys (soon to be 4), an Emeka Okafor Hornets Mardi Gras alternate jersey, a few different Champion jerseys from the 90s, and I  may be the only person in the world with a Jeff Adrien Bobcats jersey (or any Jeff Adrien NBA jersey, for that matter).



Some of my top wanted jerseys are: the Penny Hardaway blue pinstripe Champion authentic jersey, a Benoit Benjamin Nets jersey (which I don’t think exists), Kevin Durant Sonics jersey, and every jersey of Kemba Walker and Ray Allen.

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(Nick drops the mic)

Bravo Nick! That’s what you call going hard in the paint. The Jeff Adrien jersey is an absolute gem and worthy of Level 5 Hooster status as is that Drazen Petrovic Nets jersey. Even though I’m a Pitt fan and was crushed when Kemba Walker went HAM on them in the Big East tourney with that buzzer beating shot, I’ve always dug his handles and rooted for him to do well in the NBA. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sick dribbling.

The last few years I’ve enjoyed making Deron Williams jokes due to his contract and the fact that at one point we were all questioning if he or Chris Paul was the best PG in the league. I dig that Ray Allen Bucks jersey because of the logo, and fully support rocking a Kevin Durant Sonics jersey. I wish you luck in finding that Benoit Benjamin Nets jersey, we’ve all got that unicorn we are chasing.

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