My Weekend in Random Jerseys

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It was a very good jersey weekend for me as I got to hit up the Chicago Cubs vs St Louis Cardinals game on Friday and the Taste of Lincoln on Saturday. Both venues had plenty of people showing love for their favorite players and teams by rocking jerseys.

Pat Burrell jersey

Why wouldn’t you wear a Pat Burrell Philadelphia Phillies tshirt jersey to a Cubs vs Cardinals game? I was most shocked to see that it was a female wearing this jersey. Who knew that the Pat Burrell fan club was going so strong. By the way, if you haven’t read about the Pat Burrell sex stories then you must. Even if you don’t know one thing about Pat Burrell or who he is you’ll instantly think different about him and he’ll become your new favorite ex-player.

Posada Ankiel Jersey

Number of Cubs jerseys you see in this picture: zero. Number of Rick Ankiel Cardinals (he’s not on the Cardinals any longer) and Jorge Posada Yankees (he’s not in the league and the Yankees aren’t playing in this game) jerseys you see: two. I guess we know where Chicago Cubs fandom currently is at.

Bobby Cox Braves jersey

This is the first manager jersey that I’ve ever seen (it was authentic). So the question is now “is this Bobby Cox Atlanta Braves jersey a worthy purchase”? I say yes. If you are going to get a jersey of a manager that dude has to be pretty epic. Bobby Cox holds the all time MLB record for ejections (158) including three in the post season. That’s pretty epic. On top of that Bobby Cox won a crapton of games and a World Series with the Braves. That more than qualifies him as jersey worthy. The only other manager that I’d be cool with someone buying his jersey would be Jim Leyland. That dude is freaking hilarious and never afraid to speak his mind. See an example here where he gives Barry Bonds a piece of his mind.

Grant Hill Team USA Jersey

Grant Hill Team USA basketball jersey. Very nice. Remember when Grant Hill used to be a near elite player? It’s a shame that injuries slowed him down because he was really good. Had he stayed healthy for his entire career I think he would have ended up being thought of as better than Reggie Miller (in terms of overall ranking).

Michael Jordan Team USA Jersey

Right now any Team USA Olympic basketball jersey is post worthy. Why? Because it is a great reminder of how much better we are at basketball than the rest of the World. Who doesn’t love being the top dog? This Michael Jordan Team USA Olympic jersey would be a top three favorite Michael Jordan jersey for me. My favorite is  the old school script letting jersey from when Jordan was still a puppy. The other one would be the Jordan #45 jersey.

Michael Jordan All Star Jersey FrontMichael Jordan All Star Jersey other side

My head just about exploded when I saw this Michael Jordan NBA All Star jersey from 1996 because of how awesome it is. A+! This year the All Star game was in San Antonio and the jersey most definitely reflects this. If I didn’t know any better I’d have thought that the person that designed this jersey was the same one who designed the Chili’s logo.

Bulls Ticket

I was at a sports bar that had a boatload of sports memorabilia on the walls and on the top of the bar when I came across this Chicago Bulls ticket from the 1996 NBA Playoffs. What I couldn’t believe is that the ticket only cost $33. Could you imagine being able to watch MJ and Scottie in their prime tearing through the NBA playoffs for less than the cost of a pair of jeans from Old Navy. Unreal.

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