Name that Tune Bacon edition

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bacon-beer-pigs(in a Road Dogg Jesse James voice) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages Bacon Sports proudly brings to you…Name that Tune Bacon edition.

We give you 3 songs that have bacon in the lyrics .You guess the name of the song and the artist. Yo DJ spin that.

Song 1

Girls are fakin’ goodness sakin’
They want a man who brings home the bacon.
Got no money and you got no car
Then you got no women and there you are

Song 2

Quick to the point, to the point no faking
I’m cooking MCs like a pound of bacon

Song 3

No holds barred, no time for move fakin’
Gots to get the loot so I can bring home the bacon

I’ll give you the answers after this awesome video about Bacon Beer. It’s in Spanish (I think? I don’t speak Spanish so I’m guessing) but the fact that it’s not in English does not take a single thing away from it.

The answers:
1. Bust a move by Young MC
2. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
3. Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest




Pittsburgh Sports fan, retired sumo wrestler and hopefully a future reality TV star. All about the bacon, I bring it home daily.