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1991 Paul Abdul NBA Action is Fantastic commercial is very funny

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crazy nba fan

In part three of our NBA Action is Fantastic series we look at a second video from 1991. This one rocks a Paula Abdul theme. Oh how the NBA’s marketing team wishes they could have taken that choice back.

Like any 90’s NBA promo video you have to include at least one Michael Jordan highlight and naturally they kick this one off that way. I was a big fan of Run TMC (Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullen) so dropping a sweet pass from the guy with the killer crossover was much appreciated. The Scottie Pippen finger roll doesn’t do much for me but thankfully seeing a cheering Cliff Livingston helps make up for it. Brian Scalabrine is the Cliff Livingston cheering of this current Chicago Bulls team. No NBA video needs to include anything about Bill Laimbeer. I can’t stand that guy. The block by the Portland Trailblazers Cliff Robinson is more of a volleyball spike and I’m guessing he probably could have just grabbed that out of the air. However, had he done that he wouldn’t have been in an awesome NBA Action video with a Paula Abdul theme.

Now for the good part, the fans. Like yesterday there is going to be plenty of double and single arm fist pumps.

crazy nba fan

I see three single arm fist pumps in this image plus what could be a Big Johnson tshirt on the dude in the white.

crazy nba fan arms up

There is no way that fans reacted like this at last nights Orlando Magic vs Washington Wizards game. The dude in the grey polo shirt does a fantastic gorilla impersonation.

crazy nba fan pink shirt

These two fans are so fantastic that they deserve two pictures. In this first one they getting their fist pumps going…

crazy nba fans

…and now we have liftoff! Every single thing about the dude in the pink shirt screams early 90’s. Once again, these guys had court side seats. Maybe I should start wearing hot pink and pleated Jordache jeans more often.

crazy nba fan super yell

This guy is a straight beast. He treats seeing a finger roll like he’s in a fight for his life against a bear. Hear my primal roar!

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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