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8 Worst NBA Draft Day Suits Ever

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nba worst dressed

nba worst dressedThe NBA draft is here and with that, perhaps, some of the most abysmal fashion statements ever made. Now, I enjoy the NBA draft, but honestly it is more entertaining to see what some of these players choose to wear. It is downright hilarious. Here are the 8 worst draft day suits I could find.

8. Chuck Person (1986)


I guess The Rifleman forgot it was the NBA draft and thought he was going to his high school prom. The white suit was a bold move which could work, but the pink cummerbund and bowtie make him look like he should have been in a Billy Ocean music video.

7. Tim Thomas (2000)


Tim looks like a Haitian refugee in this little number. Even if he gained 400 pounds, he’d still fit in this suit. It looks like he pulled the first thing he saw off the rack at the Men’s Warehouse and put it on to go to the draft. I’m sure this suit is currently sitting at a local Goodwill near you.

6. Drew Gooden (2002)


I’m not sure what to make of this outfit, but I do have a question. Is Drew Gooden afraid of buttons? That might be the only suit of its kind, not belonging to a Japanese Shaman or Dr. Evil, to have a single button on it. Despite the suit looking pretty bad, I think it turned out better than Gooden’s career.

5. Joakim Noah (2007)


Noah has always gone against the grain in terms of fashion (and looks in general), and this suit choice was no different. In this case, he decided that looking like Sideshow Bob in a seersucker suit and bowtie would look good on draft night. I think David Stern was fairly overwhelmed by the smell of pot in this picture.

4. Jalen Rose (1994)


Anyone like red, Jalen Rose sure does! This is another Craig Sager special since it looks like it was made from my grandmother’s old couch. I thought the suit was fairly abrasive until I saw the tie. What were people thinking in the 90’s? Rose was asked recently what ever happened to this suit, and, believe it or not, he said he still has this suit in his closet.

3. Samaki Walker (1996)


I think Samaki would have looked better had he been at the Player Haters Ball with Silky Johnson and a gang of tricks when he decided to wear this. The hat was a little much. If he had accessorized with a cane, it may have made it the best draft day suit in NBA history.

2. Steve Nash (1996)


Perhaps no choice for this list was a mystifying as Steve Nash. At this point in his career he seems so hip, but in 1996, he looks like he just walked out of TJ Maxx with the most oversized brown suit they had, threw it on, and went up to shake David Sterns hand. The tie is the icing on the cake. It looks like someone threw up all over it.

1. Karl Malone (1985)


There was never a more clear-cut #1 than Karl Malone. The tie and jacket were about 3 sizes too small, plus those pants are up around his nipples. To top it all off, it appears he may be stuffing a tube sock in his crotch. It looks more like a costume than an actual suit.



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