NBA Playoff Hangover. The Spurs and LeBron.

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Ahhhh, this is why I waited! I needed Game 1 to insure that Timmy Duncan was indeed going to show Baby Stephen Curry a few things about what it takes to play a huge playoff game. This is experience Stephie. Did you really think you were going to roll into San Antonio and punk us again? Obviously not. The joy of being at the game was hearing the fans’ absolute disapproval of Curry. And let’s face it, I’m being nice.

Despite his effort of scoring 44 points, that was not good enough for the Spur Machine. See, Stephen, there is no I in TEAM. There is however an I in WIN. The Spurs are so clean and visceral right now. They are playing like they have found the fountain of youth.

The energy at the game feeds from the fans to the Spurs and then the Spurs to the fans. It’s a feeling of rejoicing, crying, yelling, frustration and LOVE all rolled into one BIG BLUNT “GO SPURS GO” WARRIOR CHANT!

Did you feel it Curry? Did Duncan show you a thing or several about what caliber player it takes to win a tremendous game such as this? Just call him Daddy, son. He’ll teach you and you will listen and obey.

And really Stephen, you crying to the refs for fouls not getting called on you? Really? Well, welcome to the NBA Playoffs sweetheart. This is the BIG TIME. GO BIG OR GO HOME. And as the sun sets slowly in the West, the Spurs will bid you a fond farewell into your off-season. XOXO fellas

Here’s a little song dedication Warriors…WELCOME TO TEXAS WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!!!!


I heard this joke today only it wasn’t a joke. Lebron James walked away with his 4th MVP Title. As if that was a shocker. Here is a fun joke going around the internet.

Kevin Durant makes 6 of his team’s last 7 shots, media: “He’s pretty good.”
LeBron makes a layup in the 4th quarter, media: “OMG MVPPPP!!!!”

And it’s so true. You would think Lebron is David Stern’s love child. Here’s what was overheard after the trophy ceremony.

David Stern: “I told you that you’d win another MVP my dear baby boy.”
LeBron James: “Oh thank you Father, thank you.”

Of course Lebron is perfect! He only sat a game out against the Spurs in the locker room leaving hundreds of fans disappointed as he only resurrected after the game was over. Coach Popovich even said about LeBron, “What kind of shit is that?” putting his whole body into the performance like some Shakespearian stage actor. Popovich stumbled backward and held his heart. “Who’d think of something like that?” Popovich said. “That’s below the belt.There’s no place for that.”

But indeed there was because what is good for the Heat is not good for any other team in the NBA. They have their own set of rules that is rendered by Commish Stern himself. You got to love it though for it’s so laughable. And after a massive loss at the hands of Da Bulls, I think we are all wondering why the hell he won MVP. Clearly the Bulls proved that heart, passion and the desire to win reigns over LJ’s ego, eccentricity and overly inflated head. Pssst LeBron, that head band ain’t hiding the fact that your receding hairline is going further and further down your dome.

A very interesting coincidence has all of us wondering right now. LeFawn, you’ve been awfully close to calling out MJ and according to this HOF speech, MJ said something about “one day you might look up and see me playing the game at 50”. Well, call him out some more LJ. Nothing would please NBA Fan more than to see Michael Jordan back in Da House to take you down. One day when you have 6 rings you might get to make a speech like this. Doubtful because you lack what Jordan has… dignity, class, humility, appreciation for his fellow players and the pure love for the source that makes him tick: the game of basketball. STOP. LOOK. AND LISTEN. HERE COME THE MIGHTY JORDAN HEIRS!!!!


I want to personally invite the TNT crew of @TheJetOnTNT @SHAQ and Charles Barkley to do some REAL fishing in Texas. What yall doing in Atlanta? We got plenty of room and LOVE for you fellas. Bring that fishing gear and head South for the Playoffs. SA #Spurs welcomes TNT.

Peace out Baconators.

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Liz in San Antonio

Liz in San Antonio

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