NBA Sports Trivia And Name That Basketball Shoe

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nba-trivia-shoes-triviaI realize March Madness is still going on (even in April), but with the playoff race heating up I decided to delve into the NBA for a little sports trivia. The NBA was on the verge of a historic event with the Philadelphia 76ers going for their 27th straight loss against Detroit, which unfortunately didn’t happen, so let this NBA sports trivia serve as the consolation prize.

1. This NBA player who rocked the Rec Specs back in the day holds the record for most wins in a career?

2. Everyone knows that John Stockton has the record for most assists in a career. What current NBA head coach is second?

3. This current member of the Phoenix Suns was the last U.S. NBA player to be drafted straight from high school. Who is he?

4. This former NBA power forward and second all-time leading scorer also has the most turnovers in for a career. Who is he?

5. What college basketball powerhouse has produced the most NBA players?

6. This guy known as the Human Highlight Reel is the highest scoring French-born played in NBA history?

7. What current NBA reserve is the last man to win back-to-back Slam Dunk Contest championships?

8. What NBA legend was the youngest player ever to play in an NBA All-Star game at 19 years old?

9. He was the last player to win an NBA title with 3 different teams. Can you name him?

10. Who was the last 2nd round pick to appear in an NBA All-Star Game? (Hint: He played in the 2014 All-Star game)

11. Can you name the NBA player who wore the following 90’s basketball shoe?

a. barkley-shoes

b. penny-hardaway-shoes-2

c. larry johnson-shoes

d. pippen-shoes

e. david-robinson-shoes

f. dominique-wilkins-shoes

g. allen-iverson-shoes

h. karl-malone-shoes

Before the answers are revealed, here is a great video that will get you pumped.


1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 1074 wins
2. Jason Kidd – 12,091 assists
3. Gerald Green – 18th pick in the 2005 NBA draft
4. Karl Malone – 4,524 turnovers
5. University of Kentucky with 82 (UNC has 81)
6. Dominique Wilkins 26,668 points
7. Nate Robinson 2008 & 2009
8. Kobe Bryant at 19 years old in 1997-1998
9. Robert Horry
10. Paul Millsap
11. a. Charles Barkley, b. Penny Hardaway, c. Larry Johnson, d. Scottie Pippen, e. David Robinson, f. Dominique Wilkins, g. Allen Iverson, h. Karl Malone


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