NCAA Football Sports Trivia Quiz

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college gameday i love turtlesThere aren’t many things I look forward to more after a long Friday night than waking up to ESPN College GameDay to help work off my hangover. This weekend marks less than four weeks until that weekend ritual begins again, and I cannot wait. In the meantime, here are some NCAA Football sports trivia questions and mascot trivia to help get us there.

1. Who is the only defensive player to win the NCAA AP Player of the Year award? (This Big 12 player went #2 overall in the NFL draft the following season.)

2. What Big 12 team holds the record for the most consecutive weeks in the Top 25?

3. Surprisingly, this Big 10 team is the last to win 3 National Titles in a row. Who are they?

4. What Heisman Trophy winner and convicted felon holds the record for averaging the most rushing yards per game for a career with 164?

5. What current Sun-Belt Conference member, and perennial doormat, holds the distinction for the longest bowl game drought dating back to 1960?

6. What ACC coach has the current record for longest tenure at an FBS school at 27 years?

7. What longtime college coach, and current ESPN analyst, has taken a record 5 different teams to college bowl games?

8. Speaking of coaching legends, he earned the most career bowl game victories with 21 as the coach of West Virginia and Florida State. Who is he?

9. In the BCS era (starting in 1998), what two teams have played in the most BCS bowl games?

10. Who was the last FBS running back to rush for over 2,000 yards in one season?

Can you tell what school each mascot represents?

1. oregonstate

2. cardinal

3. mascot

4. mascot 2

5. mascot3

Before I reveal the answers, here is a special message from your doctor…


1. Ndamukong Suh (2009)
2. Nebraska 348 weeks from 1981-2002
3. Minnesota 1934-1936
4. O.J. Simpson
5. The New Mexico State Aggies
6. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech
7. Lou Holtz
8. Bobby Bowden with a record of 21-10-1
9. Ohio St. & Oklahoma with 9
10. Andre Williams of Boston College 2,177 yards in 2013


1. Oregon St. – Benny the Beaver
2. Miami (OH) – Swoop the Redhawk
3. Temple – Hooter the Owl
4. Washington St. – Butch T. Cougar
5. Iowa St. – Cy the Cyclone



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