Current pulse of New York Jets quarterbacks in jerseys

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I was doing my usual Sunday routine of watching football non-stop when I noticed that there were a decent amount of New York Jets fans in the bar. Since Mark Sanchez has been as trustworthy as a truck stop condom I was interested to know where the Jets fans heads were at and by the look of their jerseys all of my questions were answered.

The first guy I came across was rocking a Chad Pennington jersey. I actually gave him some dap for this as I remembering wanting the Steelers to draft Pennington in 2000 but instead they took Plaxico Burress (whew). The prior year the Steelers went 6-10 and were trotting out a combination of Kordell Stewart and Mike Tomczak so it wasn’t like I was asking for that much of an upgrade. Pennington seemed to be the starter for the Jets because he was just slightly better than the other guy and even though he had the arm strength of a High School quarterback he was as accurate as Jayson Williams. Here’s a list of some of the other choices that Jets fans had to root for at QB other than Pennington: Ray Lucas, 117 year old Vinny Testaverde, Quincy Carter, Brooks Bollinger, Kellen Clemens, Patrick Ramsey. After seeing that list I’m totally OK with someone owning and rocking a Chad Pennington jersey.

chad pennington new york jets jersey

A girl in a Mark Sanchez jersey and another in a Brett Favre jersey. Who knew that wanting to see a QB’s junk would get you to buy his jersey.

mark sanchez brett favre jets jerseys

As shocking as it may be there were no Tim Tebow jerseys in the bar.

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