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new-york-sports-triviaThis week I focus sports trivia on the city that never sleeps. There have been some memorable moments and athletes that have come out of New York, so it has come time to honor them. Just as to preface the trivia, none of the answers will involve teams from New Jersey because as everyone knows, New Jersey is where New York dumps all of their garbage.

1. Who is the New York Knicks all-time leading scorer?

2. Derek Jeter is the Yankees all-time hit leader with over 3,400. What Hall of Fame Yankee did he pass to take over the top spot?

3. These two RBs are the only players to rush for over 10,000 yards while playing in The Big Apple. Who are they?

4. What former NHL superstar, known for his great mullet and a gambling problem, holds the distinction of scoring the most points in season as a New York Ranger?

5. What New York Giants QB and mediocre announcer threw for the most yards in one game (513) than any other QB in New York history?

6. Just about everyone knows that Babe Ruth is the Yankees all-time leader in home runs. Who has that distinction for the New York Mets?

7. What slick New York Knicks coach had the highest winning percentage of any coach in franchise history?

8. What Yankee great shares the record for most Grand Slams in a season with 6, which he did in 1987?

9. What NHL and New York Islanders legend recorded over 50 goals for 9 straight seasons while also leading his team to 4-straight Stanley Cups from 1980-1983?

10. What Hall of Fame New York Mets pitcher has more strikeouts than any pitcher in Mets or Yankees history?

Before I reveal the answers here are some of the best highlights that New York has to offer.


1. Patrick Ewing 23,665
2. Lou Gehrig 2,721 hits
3. Tiki Barber & Curtis Martin
4. Jaromir Jagr 123 points in 2005-2006
5. Phil Simms vs. Cincinnati in 1985
6. Darryl Strawberry 259 HRs
7. Pat Riley .680 winning percentage
8. Don Mattingly
9. Mike Bossy
10. Tom Seaver 2,541 Ks

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