NFL Coaches and the Animals They Look Like

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nfl-coaches-animalsFootball fans around the globe know that the end of the 2013 season is upon us as the 2014 playoffs are in full-swing. Not only does anticipation surround the teams on the field, but every playoff fantasy football team participant is anxiously cheering their own squad on to (a hopeful) victory—or crying every time a catch is fumbled. It’s not uncommon to see athletes manifest a beastly demeanor when they are competing for such high stakes (Eye of the Tiger, anybody?).  These attributes are not merely limited to the players–oh no, no, no. Standing on every sideline is a head coach.  That’s right—some of the most animalistic men on the field are coaches. Don’t believe me? Check out these incriminating pictures.

 wade phillips blob
Wade Phillips and the Blobfish let their expressions do the talking about the Texans’ season.

 mike tomlin owl
Mike Tomlin and an owl: both shocked at Roethlisberger’s statistical comeback this year.

 andy reid whalrus
Andy Reid—this walrus “mustache” you if Jamaal Charles will be MVP.

coughlin funny fish
Tom Coughlin is “fishing” for another Super Bowl spot.

 jason garrett funny goat
Jason Garrett doesn’t let ranking second in the NFC East get his “goat”!

belichick cat
Nobody’s sure which mean-mug became famous first– Bill Belichick’s or Grumpy Cat!

 marvin lewis seal
Marvin Lewis and this Sea Lion have smiles for miles with the Bengals in the AFC North’s number 1 spot.

john harbaugh turtle
John Harbaugh and this turtle just want to remind you that the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII.

jim harbaugh bear
Jim Harbaugh can “bear-ly” handle ranking behind the Seahawks in the NFC West.

joe philbin giraffe
Joe Philbin’s Dolphins have had a decent season despite having some “tall” scandals to overcome.

 dennis allen koala
Dennis Allen and this koala bear just want to know what happened to the Raiders’ season.

Undoubtedly, these pictures have inspired you to find your inner-animal as the season draws to a close. From coaches to players to fans, everybody that is obsessed with football can’t help but get in touch with their carnal instincts.  See you on the wild side!

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 is currently putting the finishing touches on her first album Champions: A Tribute to the Denver Broncos. When she’s not singing (really well) you can find her writing for Draft Street.

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