Hard NFL Draft Sports Trivia Questions

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nfl draft trivia

nfl draft sports trivia

The NFL Draft is right around the corner so it’s time for an edition of Hard NFL Draft Sports Trivia. This weeks quiz is definitely a 10 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. If you get more than 5 of these I’ll be very impressed.

NFL Draft Trivia

1. What school has produced the most 1st round NFL draft picks since 1980?
2. What NFL franchise has had the most #1 overall draft picks?
3. In 1988, the first QB was not taken until the 76th pick, which is latest the first QB has ever been selected. Who is this QB? (Hint: He started in a Super Bowl.)
4. Since the first combined AFL/NFL draft in 1967, what offensive NFL player was the lowest overall draft pick to make the Hall of Fame?
5. Who was the last player to be taken in the NFL draft twice?
6. Excluding Johnny Football, since 1967, who are the only two Heisman Trophy winners not to be selected in the NFL draft?
7. Since 1967, what #1 overall NFL draft pick started the highest number of games in his career?
8. What is the name given to the last overall draft pick?
9. There are two QBs who are in the top 15 all-time in total passing yards but went undrafted. Who are they?
10. Since 1980, 2 players were drafted from FCS schools have won NFL MVP awards. Who are they?

I’ll give you the answers after the bump.

While we’re on the subject of the NFL draft, I just thought it would be the perfect time to share this little video that always warms my heart. It’s always great to see obnoxious Jets fans (like Fireman Ed) get fired up over their picks. I also enjoy seeing a young Mel Kiper tell a national audience that the Jets have no idea what the draft is all about.

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1. Miami (FL)…the U
2. Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts with 7
3. Chris Chandler, Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl XXXIV
4. Shannon Sharpe pick #192 in 1990
5. Craig Erikson, QB Miami (FL) – 1991 Philadelphia Eagles 5th Round & 1992 Tampa Bay Bucs 4th Round
6. Charlie Ward, Florida St. (1993) & Jason White, Oklahoma (2003)
7. Bruce Smith (1985), 267 games
8. Mr. Irrelevant
9. Warren Moon & Dave Kreig
10. Rich Gannon (Delaware) & Steve McNair (Alcorn St.)

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