What Your NFL Game Day Outfit Says About You

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nfl-game-day-outfitWe’re merely a few weeks away from the start of the NFL season, and this football fan is as excited as Rex Ryan at a hotdog eating contest. I’ve already planned out my first Steelers outfit for opening Sunday. Speaking of, ever notice you can tell a lot about a person by what he or she wears during a football game? Here’s a breakdown of what each common NFL game day outfit says about its wearer:

Let’s start at the very beginning here. Jerseys are among the most popular game day attire, and for good reason. Rocking your team’s official jersey says “I love my team enough to spend north of $75 on a large piece of ill-fitting mesh and I don’t care who knows it!” Jersey wearers deserve much respect from sports fans for their investment and their willingness to let everyone know their allegiances.

There are two different schools of jersey rockers: old school jersey wearers and new school jersey wearers. If you’re an old school jersey rocker, that tells me either your team has a rich history of excellence that you feel compelled to call out, or you’re stuck in the past while your team “rebuilds.” It’s possible you’re a diehard Bills fan who’s had trouble finding a current jersey worth investing in, so you resort to your vintage Jim Kelly gem. No shame, vintage jersey wearer! A diehard is a diehard, and I salute you.

New school jersey wearers are a slightly more daring breed. No doubt, a new jersey wearer has spent countless weeks mulling over which player’s name he or she is going to represent for the foreseeable future. But the risk can often be greater than the reward in this scenario. Questions to ask yourself before committing to a current player’s jersey: What if he’s traded after this season? What if last year was a fluke? Do I trust a rookie, or should I go with a proven veteran? When choosing a new school jersey, choose with care.

Logo T-Shirt
Wearing a logo t-shirt to watch your favorite football team is kind of like dating someone but not wanting to call them your boyfriend or girlfriend yet. It’s just a step you’re not willing to take yet. It’s not to say you don’t fully love your team, you’re just not willing to commit to an individual player’s jersey yet. You’ve likely been burned in the past, thus resulting in trust issues. It’s totally understandable. Tony Romo has let you down so many times before!

Team Colors, No Logo
You dabble in fandom, but maybe football just isn’t your sport. You’re likely that person at a watch party filled with diehard fans who doesn’t want to stick out like Troy Polamau’s hair from the back of his helmet, so you at least wear your team colors as a show of solidarity. Let’s face it, you and I both know you’re just there for the taco dip.

Alternatively, you could just be supporting a friend by watching his or her team’s game while your team is on a bye week. If that’s the case, what a good friend you are!

Logo Hat
Hats are a unique beast in the world of sports apparel. Since hats are such a fashion statement, it really depends on which hat you have and how you wear it. Let’s say you rock a hat you’ve had in your arsenal for years. It fits just right. You don’t even care that it’s faded and may or may not have some questionable stains from last year’s Super Bowl party. You love it. You’re probably a diehard fan who’s also wearing your favorite player’s jersey underneath that hat. You go!

If you’re the person who buys a hat because you like the logo, well let’s just say you’re confusing everyone who sees you on the street and cries out “Go Raiders!” just to get major stink eye back from you because you have no clue what they’re yelling about. I’ve been that person who’s cried out “Go Bucs!” to someone wearing a Pirates hat before, and after a long, puzzled glance, he merely said “I didn’t even know which one I bought. I just liked the gold P.” Ugh, this guy. Oh, and if you leave the sticker on your hat, I automatically assume you’re not a real fan.

Pink Jerseys
See this article dedicated to the pink jersey epidemic.

This fall, when you’re getting ready to go out to watch your favorite football team play, remember to choose your outfit carefully. What you wear to a watch party can say a lot about what kind of fan you are. Make sure you are broadcasting the message you would want to send to other fans. And don’t be embarrassed about that old Bart Starr Packers jersey! Other people are just jealous they don’t have one.

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