NFL players tweet the darndest things

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athlete tweet

Give NFL players a forum to speak their mind and what comes out can be as good as Kate Upton’s GQ cover shoot or as bad as the current state of the Miami Marlins. Here are a few things that have been on the minds of a couple of NFL players lately.

The last time I checked when your piss came out hot it meant that you junk was on fire because you went knuckles deep in some strange without a condom. This is definitely not a good thing.

This is the best things that Braylon Edwards has said or done in the last five years.

Is this a quote from one of Obama’s debates?

Barnyard Berrian is getting pretty desperate. Shouldn’t he be out disappointing fantasy owners or something?

This is actually funny. I’ve never heard of friends splitting a pair of jeans before.

Looks who’s back and ready to get all up in some random Myspace chicks.


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