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nfl-playoff-statsWith the NFL season concluding in with a rather wild frenzy, football fans now look to Wild Card weekend. Get your playoff pools filled out and sit back and watch these final precious 13 games of the season. Here are some NFL Playoff stats on stats on stats to get you ready.

1. Former Dallas Cowboy coach Tom Landry holds the record for most NFL Playoff coaching wins with 20.

2. Buffalo Bills RB Thurman “Thermal” Thomas holds the record for scoring a TD in the most number of consecutive games with 9 from 1992-1998.

3. Pittsburgh Steeler WR John Stallworth is the record holder for catching a TD in consecutive games with 9 from 1978-1983.

4. Back in 1985, Eric Dickerson, while rockin’ the Rec Specs and a jheri curl, rushed for an NFL single-game playoff record 248 yards in a 20-0 win over Dallas.

5. Sketchers spokesperson Joe Montana currently holds the career record for most playoff TD passes for a career with 45. Tom Brady is only 3 TDs behind Montana and could likely break the record this season.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars RB Fred Taylor broke the record for longest rush from scrimmage in NFL playoff game history when he broke off a 90 yard TD run over Miami in 1999.

7. Incredibly, the record for most INTs in a single playoff game is 4. That record belongs to Houston Oiler Vernon Perry who picked off Dan Fouts 4 times in a 1979 game.

8. There are two teams who share the record for most consecutive playoff appearances. The Dallas Cowboys (’75-’83) and the Indianapolis Colts (’02-’10) made the playoff 9 consecutive times. The current record is shared by the Packers and Patriots who have each made it 5 consecutive years.

9. The poor Minnesota Vikings have suffered more post-season disappointments than any other NFL team losing 27 times since 1968.

10. The Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions currently have the longest consecutive playoff losing streak at 7 games. The Chiefs haven’t won since 1993 and the Lions since 1991.

11. Tom Brady set the record for highest completion percentage in a playoff game at 92% going 26-28 for 262 and 3 TDs in a 33-20 win over Jacksonville in 2007.

12. The worst passing performance in NFL playoff history belongs to the Tampa Bay Bucs who went 5-27 between 3 QBs in a 9-0 loss to the LA Rams.

13. Before he started getting DUIs, Bernie Kosar was a very good QB. He holds the record for most passing yards in a playoff game with 489 in a divisional playoff game against the Jets in 1986.

14. Trent Dilfer dropped a the longest dime in NFL playoff history connecting with Shannon Sharpe for a 96 yard TD against Oakland on their 2000 Super Bowl run.

15. Finally, last but not least, the STAT OF THE WEEK! The New Orleans Saints are 1-7 against the spread in road games this season covering only at Chicago in October. The game-time temp is supposed to be around 25 degrees. The Saints are in for a tough time with a hostile crowd who is not afraid to boo Santa or an unconscious Michael Irvin. Take the Eagles and lay the 2.5.





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