NFL Sports Trivia!

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The NFL finally returns this week and not a minute too soon. Now, we can look forward to five months of pouring over betting lines and updating our fantasy football rosters. Could it be the most wonderful time of the year? I say yes! Here is some NFL sports trivia to kick off the season.

1. What QB threw for the most yards during the decade of the 90s?

2. Since 1990, what two Texas QBs share the record for most passing yards in one game?

3. This NFL RB holds the record for scoring the most points in one season with 186. Who is he?

4. Since 1990, what Green Bay Packer RB holds the league record for longest run from scrimmage?

5. What NFL franchise has had the #1 overall pick in the draft the most number of times?

6. Since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, what color blind QB holds the distinction for throwing the most INTs in one season?

7. What QB threw the most TD passes to WR Randy Moss over the course of his career?

8. Since the NFL expanded to 16 games per season in 1978, what Super Bowl champion finished the season with the fewest regular season victories at 9?

9. What NFL franchise holds the record for most overall wins?

10. This NFL QB holds the record for highest single-season completion percentage. Who is he?

Before I reveal the answers here are a couple of classic highlights…

I never knew Vin Scully did football…


And who could forget the Fail Mary…



1. Dan Marino 33,508 yards
2. Warren Moon (1990) & Matt Schaub (2012) 527 yards
3. LaDanian Tomlinson in 2006
4. Ahman Green 98 yards in 2003
5. Indianapolis Colts 7 times
6. Vinny Testaverde with 35 INTs in 1988
7. Dante Culpepper 53 TDs from 2000-2004
8. 2011 New York Giants
9. Chicago Bears 730 total wins
10. Drew Brees 71.2% in 2011


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