Enough NFL stats to make your head explode

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nfl-statsWith the return of the NFL this week, I decided to dedicate the entire stat list to NFL minutiae. Enjoy!

1. Most consecutive passes completed consecutively in one game is 22 shared by Houston’s David Carr and Washington’s Mark Brunell in 2006.

2. Former New York Jets QB Chad Pennington holds the record for the highest career completion percentage at 66%

3. The biggest comeback in NFL regular season history was 28 points, when the San Francisco 49ers came from behind from trailing 35-7 to beat the New Orleans Saints in OT 38-35 in 1980.

4. The 2008 Miami Dolphins hold the record for biggest one-season turnaround in NFL history, going 1-15 in 2007 to winning the AFC East at 11-5 in 2008.

5. The longest play from scrimmage that did not result in a TD happened in 1972 on a 99-yard completion from St. Louis Cardinals QB John Hart to future NBA Inside Stuff host Ahmad Rashad.

6. Aaron Rodgers currently holds the career record for lowest percentage of INTs thrown by a QB with a minuscule 1.70% having only thrown 46 in 2,665 attempts.

7. L.A. Ram WR Flipper Anderson holds the record for most receiving yards in one game with 336 against the New Orleans Saints in 1989.

8. Former stripper aficionado Michael Irvin is the NFL record holder for most consecutive 100 yard receiving games with 11 which he set with the Cowboys in 1995.

9. The record for most defensive TDs in a career belongs to Rod Woodson who tallied 13 during his 17 year career.

10. Former Cleveland Browns Punter Chris Gardocki holds the record for most punts without a block with 1,177.

11. Return men Josh Cribbs and Leon Washington share the career record most kick-offs returned for TDs with 8 each.

12. Former Chicago Bears QB Jim McMahon hold the NFL record for most consecutive wins by a starting QB with 25 from 1984-1987.

13. The 1983 Green Bay Packers hold the record for most first half points in a game with 49 against Tampa Bay going on to win 55-14.

14. The 2011 San Francisco 49ers hold the team record for most FGs made in a season with 44. They also hold the record for most FG attempts with 52.

15. Since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970, the Cincinnati Bengals hold the record for most rushing yards in a game with 407, which they set against the Broncos in 2000. For the game, the Bengals only had 14 net passing yards.

16. In a 1992 game between the 49ers and Bills there were a total of 0 punts. That is the only NFL game where a punt never took place.

17. Just 6 seasons later, in 1998, the Bills and 49ers met again and recorded the most penalties in a game, since 1970, in the history of the NFL with 22.

18. The Seattle Seahawks hold the team record for most INTs returned for TDs in a game with 4, which they did against the Kansas City Chiefs in 1984.

19. Tom Landry has the highest total of playoff coaching victories with 20.

20. Ricky “Running” Watters holds the record for most points in a playoff game with 30, scoring 5 TDs in a 1993 playoff game against the Giants.





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