NFL Week 13 Picks ATS

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Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving is here let us all rejoice! Our bellies will be filled with delicious turkey and stuffing all while we OD on NFL football, college rivalry games, and napping. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Well actually it does, that is if you enjoy winning money. I’m currently hitting at a 55.5% winning clip with my NFL picks against the spread so it’s been all green everything in the Bacon household. Last week I kept my winning ways going to the tune of an 8-6-1 week, which gave me the heads up victory over G-Hunt, who went 6-8-1.

Sit back, relax, and let our NFL Week 13 Picks ATS be your Thanksgiving gravy or cherry on top (lines are from Tuesday).

Bears @ Lions -7

Greg: Bears +7
Rob: Bears +7

Matthew Stafford is like brussell sprouts, I’m just not about it. The Bears have been a roller coaster, but they have won straight up and covered in each of their last two games (a win is a win). A touchdown in a divisional game is a lot to give and at this point I don’t know if the Lions will score double digits (even against this putrid Bears D).

Eagles @ Cowboys -3

Greg: Eagles +3
Rob: Eagles +3

I’m torn on this game. I don’t buy into the Cowboys D, but Romo has been playing great as of late. I don’t fully buy into Mark Sanchez as the Eagles quarterback, and even though the Eagles are 5-2 ATS in their last seven, those covers haven’t exactly come against juggernaut teams. When in doubt take the points.

Seahawks @ 49ers (pick)

Greg: Seahawks (pick)
Rob: 49ers (pick)

I still don’t believe the Seahawks will make the playoffs. This is a monster game for both teams and Seattle has struggled to win in San Francisco. I think the 49ers figure out a way to win at home, somehow. By the way, owning Frank Gore on my fantasy team this year has been as enjoyable as having a vegetarian Thanksgiving. Barf.

Browns @ Bills -1

Greg: Browns +1
Rob: Bills -1

I’m heading to Buffalo for Thanksgiving and I’m heavily rooting for Kyle Orton to somehow lead the Bills to the playoffs. They ain’t making the playoffs if they don’t beat the Browns at home. Plus, what about Brian Hoyer’s performance over the last three weeks (1 TD and 3 INT’s) gives you any confidence that he’ll win a big road game? Unfortunately Mike Smith is not coaching in this game.

Redskins @ Colts -9.5

Greg: Colts -9.5
Rob: Redskins +9.5

80/20 Rule and who doesn’t want to root for Colt McCoy? His jersey sales are up 10000% this year!

Raiders @ Rams -7

Greg: Rams -7
Rob: Raiders +7

The Rams haven’t earned being favored by a touchdown and feeling good about laying it. The Raiders have covered in three of their last four and are 4-1 as an away dog this year. I smell a Raiders two game win streak brewing.

Panthers @ Vikings -2.5

Greg: Panthers +2.5
Rob: Vikings -2.5

Watch out but the Vikings have covered in four of their last five games. They are favored for only the second time this season and I like that it’s against a terribly inconsistent Panthers team. Hopefully this will be the game that Jerick McKinnon finally gets in the end zone. You’re killing me smalls!

Saints @ Steelers -3

Greg: Saints +3
Rob: Steelers -3

The optimist in me would like to think that the good version of the Steelers will show up. The Saints have lost three straight and need to call up Taye Diggs to help them get their grove back.

Bengals -4 @ Buccaneers

Greg: Bengals -4
Rob: Bengals -4

Wait, we are all back on the Andy Dalton bandwagon again? Crazy what can happen when you throw the ball to AJ Green double digit times. The Buccaneers are also 0-5 ATS at home. Way to reward the fans Lovie.

Giants -3 @ Jaguars

Greg: Giants -3
Rob: Jaguars +3

80/20 Rule. 90% of the action is on the Giants. Really America, everyone trusts Eli Manning laying points on the road? You do realize the Giants are 1-5 ATS their last six and the Jaguars have won more recently straight up than the Giants have, right?

Chargers @ Ravens -4

Greg: Ravens -4
Rob: Ravens -4

The Chargers are a laughable 0-6 ATS their last six games. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice every year, shame on everyone. The Chargers aren’t gonna make the playoffs…again…somehow.

Titans @ Texans -6.5

Greg: Titans +6.5
Rob: Texans -6.5

It’s good to see Ryan Fitzpatrick getting some run again. Wait, I’m betting on Ryan Fitzpatrick to win by a touchdown? Gulp. Hopefully Arian Foster plays and runs the ball 40 times.

Cardinals -2.5 @ Falcons

Greg: Cardinals -2.5
Rob: Cardinals -2.5

If only the Falcons and Mike Smith could somehow trade for RGIII or vice versa. Maybe they could then hire Rob Ryan as their defensive coordinator and Mike Martz as their offensive coordinator. Now that would be entertainment.

I don’t care if 39-year-old Jake Plummer suits up and plays quarterback for the Cardinals, I’m not betting on the Falcons.

Patriots @ Packers -3

Greg: Packers -3
Rob: Patriots +3


Broncos -1.5 @ Chiefs

Greg: Broncos -1.5
Rob: Chiefs +1.5

Remember when the Bengals got smoked at home by the Browns and then came back the following week and beat the Saints on the road? Let’s use that lesson with the Chiefs. The loss to the then winless Raiders wasn’t a good one, but it’s only one game and almost every team in the NFL has a bad loss (yes, even the Broncos). Heading into that game the Chiefs had covered five straight and were rolling. They are at home and playing a division game that means a ton to their playoff future. The Broncos are 1-3 ATS in their last four and are anything but a sure bet against the spread. Per usual almost 80% of bets are on the Broncos. Zig when everyone else zags.

Dolphins -4 @ Jets

Greg: Dolphins -4
Rob: Dolphins -4

The Jets will have to be getting double-digit points in order for me to bet on them and even then I don’t know. Ryan Tannehill has looked more than competent the last few weeks and having a good defense definitely helps. Dare I say Tannehill’s turned the corner?

A loss here by the Dolphins would get rid of all good will they’ve earned the last few weeks. I don’t think they’ll crap the bed, but this is the NFL. Crazier things have happened, and would you be that shocked to read the headline “Ryan Tannehill throws away game in Dolphins loss?”

Head-to-Head weekly victories and season record:
G-Hunt (3-7-2): 91-80-5 (53.2%)
Rob (7-3-2): 95-76-5 (55.5%)


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