175: NFL Week 3 Survivor Pool Picks

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nfl week 3 survivor pool picks 2016

nfl week 3 survivor pool picks 2016

For the most part, NFL Week 2 was relatively harmless to survivor pool participants, sans the few who backed the Lions, Seahawks, and Raiders. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast as they talk about their NFL Week 3 Survivor Pool Picks. This week there is no double digit spread game, but there are two “most likely to be taken teams,” the Dolphins and the Seahawks.

NFL Week 3 is a palatable for survivor pool picks as 5 of 16 games have a spread of 7 points or more. Here are those games:

  • Browns @ Dolphins -9.5
  • 49ers @ Seahawks -9.5
  • Lions @ Packers -7.5
  • Vikings @ Panthers -7
  • Bears @ Cowboys -7

Rob’s survivor pool pick (he’s in two leagues): Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys
Tom’s survivor pool pick: Miami Dolphins

I decided to make this a two part podcast, to make it easier for you to listen, where Tom and I talk about the remaining 11 games on the NFL Week 3 slate.

Here’s the games we dish about.

  • Steelers -3.5 @ Eagles
  • Broncos @ Bengals -3
  • Cardinals -4.5 @ Bills
  • Redskins @ Giants -4.5
  • Raiders @ Titans -1.5
  • Rams @ Buccaneers -5
  • Ravens -1 @ Jaguars
  • Jets @ Chiefs -3
  • Chargers @ Colts -2.5
  • Texans @ Patriots -1 (THU)
  • Falcons @ Saints -3 (MNF)


  • I want to hear from you. Who are you taking in your NFL Week 3 Survivor Pool? Are there any non-obvious teams you particularly like this week? Which teams do you believe in and which do you have questions about? Drop me a line on Twitter @BaconSports or on Snapchat @baconsports and let me know what’s up.
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