179: NFL Week 6 Survivor Pool Picks

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nfl week 6 survivor pool picks

nfl week 6 survivor pool picks

Who should you take with your NFL Week 6 Survivor Pool pick? The Patriots have the highest point spread but Bills & Titans have juicy home matchups. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast as they talk about their NFL Week 6 Survivor Pool Picks.

NFL Week 6 is manageable for survivor pool picks as 6 of 14 games have a spread of 6 points or more. Here are those games:

  • Bengals @ Patriots -9
    • Why you would take the Patriots: Tom Brady’s first game back at home. You know Gronk is gonna wild too. The Bengals just got rolled by the Cowboys, who are starting a rookie QB, they don’t have a 2nd WR, and their running game hasn’t been good (only 3.4 ypa, 28th in NFL.) Patriots are the better team and this Bengals team is a step down from previous versions.
    • How could this pick go wrong? The Bengals are a wounded animal right now. They are sitting at 2-3, third in their division behind the Steelers and Ravens. It’s tough to come back from 2-4 and the Bengals come out with a sense of urgency. AJ Green has one of those games.
  • Steelers -8 @ Dolphins
    • Why you would take the Steelers: Equal parts “the Steelers are one of the elite in the NFL this year” and “the Dolphins are atrocious and have no home field advantage plus Ryan Tannehill is their QB.”
    • How could this pick go wrong? Under Mike Tomlin the Steelers sometimes mysteriously lose to crappy teams or teams they are expected to beat. We saw it earlier in the season in their loss to the Eagles, who were starting a rookie QB, and maybe this is another one of those games. I don’t think it will be, but it could.
  • 49ers @ Bills -8
    • Why you would take the Bills: Because Rex Ryan has the Buffalo Bills players and fans drinking the kool-aid that this team can win the Super Bowl, as evident by their three game win streak which included wins against the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots. LeSean McCoy continues to run like the old Shady McCoy (which is awesome to see) and Tyrod Taylor’s mobility keeps plays going. The 49ers are coming west to east and they aren’t a good team to begin with.
    • How could this pick go wrong? I don’t 100% trust the Bills yet. I watch them and root for them every week (shout out to Mrs Bacon and Kevin), and they have some nice pieces, but after two games this season we were all ready to write them off as a bottom seven team in the league. Colin Kaepernick is starting for the 49ers and maybe he gives the team a jolt of energy, enough to win this game.
  • Browns @ Titans -7.5
    • Why you would take the Titans: The Titans just beat the Dolphins on the road. That’s a positive step forward. DeMarco Murray continues to run well, plus their division is completely up for grabs. A win here brings them to .500 and potentially in a tie for first place with Houston. The Browns QB situation is a disaster at the moment. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Carson Palmer’s brother starting a game for them.
    • How could this pick go wrong? Can you name me one Titans WR? Delanie Walker doesn’t count. This Titans team is still young and prone to make mistakes. This is the most winnable game of the rest of the season for the Browns. Lose this and they are looking at a legitimate shot at 0-16. If Josh McCown is back under center he gives them a fighting chance.
  • Jets @ Cardinals -7.5 (MNF)
    • Why you would take the Cardinals: The Cardinals, while being a disappointment so far, still have a lot of good pieces. The Jets are 1-4 and on the edge of destruction. Geno Smith’s music is locked and loaded. Cardinals WR’s tear up the Jets secondary like the Steelers did last week.
    • How could this pick go wrong? It all starts with the quarterback and right now the Cardinals QB situation is less than ideal. Carson Palmer looks like he’s gonna start this week, but he wasn’t good before he got a concussion. The Jets have had a tough schedule and a win here gives them a shred of hope of digging themselves out of their 1-4 hole.
  • Falcons @ Seahawks -6.5
    • Why you would take the Seahawks: The Seahawks are coming off a bye which means Russell Wilson has had some time to heal. That should have the offense humming better. I don’t believe in the Falcons because of their defense, or a lack there of, and it’s a tall order to expect to roll into Seattle and light up their stout defense (the Seahawks D is only allowing 13.5 ppg, 3rd fewest in the NFL.)
    • How could this pick go wrong? Maybe this Falcons team is good. They’ve beaten the Raiders, Saints, Panthers, and Broncos, so the quality of their wins is good. Their offense looks like one of the NFL’s best whereas the Seahawks offense has only scored more than 18 points once this season.

Rob’s survivor pool pick: Titans
Tom’s survivor pool pick: Bills

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  • I want to hear from you. Who are you taking in your NFL Week 6 Survivor Pool? Are there any non-obvious teams you particularly like this week? Which teams do you believe in and which do you have questions about? Drop me a line on Twitter @BaconSports or on Snapchat @baconsports and let me know what you are thinking.
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