183: NFL Week 7 Survivor Pool Picks

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nfl week 7 survivor pool picks

nfl week 7 survivor pool picks

Who should you take with your NFL Week 7 Survivor Pool pick? The Bengals look like the to option vs the Browns this week with the Packers not far behind. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast as they talk about their NFL Week 7 Survivor Pool Picks.

NFL Week 7 is manageable for survivor pool picks as 6 of 15 games have a spread of 6 points or more. Here are those games:

  • Browns @ Bengals -10
    • Why you would take the Bengals: The Bengals are in need of a win to avoid losing three in a row and five of their last six and who better to get it against than the only winless team in the NFL. The Bengals are a step down this season from years past, but they aren’t anywhere as bad as the Browns.
    • How could this pick go wrong? The Browns beat the Bengals in Cincinnati back in 2014 24-3. Andy Dalton was the QB for the Bengals and he threw 3 INT’s. The Bengals run game did nothing nor did AJ Green. The Browns will need a repeat performance of that.
  • Bears @ Packers – 9 (TNF) *after we recorded the podcast 7 Packers, including Eddie Lacy, were ruled out for this game. The line has since moved to -7.5*
    • Why you would take the Packers: The Packers only two losses this season are to the Vikings and Cowboys, two of the top 5 teams this year (as of now.) The Bears are a bottom three team in the NFL right now. On a short week, at home, with Aaron Rodgers at QB vs Brian Hoyer, the home team seems like the right choice (even despite the injuries.)
    • How could this pick go wrong? The Packers are missing a lot of players and haven’t looked quite right in over a year and change. The last time the Bears won in Green Bay was last year so it’s not unfathomable that it can happen again.
  • Texans @ Broncos -7
    • Why you would take the Broncos: Do you trust the Texans because I sure as hell don’t. They almost lost to the awful Colts at home. The Broncos aren’t perfect but I like their pieces better than Houston’s.
    • How could this pick go wrong? A lot of ways. The Texans only two losses are against the Patriots and Vikings. Even though it hasn’t been pretty, the Texans are 4-2. The Broncos have lost their last two and their offense has become stagnant (16 and 13 points the last two games.) I still don’t believe in their QB (whoever it is) and their defense has been good, not great this year.
  • Saints @ Chiefs -7
    • Why you would take the Chiefs: The Saints have one of the worst defenses in football. They have given up 34+ points in four of five games this season. The Chiefs got a great road divisional win last week against the Raiders, their running game looks good, and I like their defense.
    • How could this pick go wrong? One thing the Saints can do is score. They’ve scored 34+ in four of five games this year. One thing the Chiefs struggle to do is score. The Saints have won two in a row and they keep the momentum going.
  • Patriots -7 @ Steelers
    • Why you would take the Patriots: Landry Jones vs Tom Brady. Plus the Patriots historically have done very well against the Steelers.
    • How could this pick go wrong? This time last year Landry Jones replaced an injured Michael Vick in the second half at home to lead the Steelers to a stunning victory against the then thought of as Super Bowl contenders Arizona Cardinals. Magic happens again.
  • Chargers @ Falcons -6.5
    • Why you would take the Falcons: Maybe the Falcons are actually good. They do have the top scoring offense in the NFL. Plus, the Chargers find ways to lose games inexplicably. This is a game the Falcons have to win if I’m going to take them seriously.
    • How could this pick go wrong? I don’t believe in the Falcons as much as everyone else does. They are good, but not that good. The Chargers have a positive point differential on the season and could easily be 4-2 instead of 2-4 if not for their epic collapses. They certainly could pull a victory out here, especially with the Falcons bad defense, and I wouldn’t be shocked.

Rob’s survivor pool pick: Packers
Tom’s survivor pool pick: Packers


  • I want to hear from you. Who are you taking in your NFL Week 7 Survivor Pool? Are there any non-obvious teams you particularly like this week? Which teams do you believe in and which do you have questions about? Drop me a line on Twitter @BaconSports or on Snapchat @baconsports and let me know what you are thinking.
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