NFL Week 7 – Who’s The Best Team? (Ep. 242)

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It’s NFL Week 7 and whoever the best team in the league is hasn’t shown itself. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast as they talk about what’s cooking in NFL Week 7. They break down each of the division leaders by best win and worst loss to see if they can uncover who is they best team. They also fly through each of the this weeks game dishing about the one thing that stands out most about each team.


NFL Week 7 games

  • Chiefs -3 @ Raiders (TNF)
    • I’m going to buy the Chiefs when people are selling.
    • Don’t buy into the Raiders.
  • Falcons @ Patriots -3
    • I don’t believe in the Falcons still.
    • Patriots seem more beatable than we’ve ever seen.
  • Bengals @ Steelers -5
    • Bengals opportunity to salvage their season right here.
    • Take care of business, feed Le’Veon Bell.
  • Buccaneers @ Bills -3
    • Measuring stick game for both teams, Bills coming off a bye. Let’s go Buffalo.
  • Broncos @ Chargers -1
    • A win here and the Chargers are 3-4
    • Broncos offense hasn’t scored more than 16 points in any of the last 3 games.
  • Cardinals @ Rams -3
    • The Cardinals are 3-3 and in a winnable division. I don’t believe in them but still. Maybe AP is the truth.
    • I’m rooting for the Rams to keep winning.
  • Ravens @ Vikings -5.5
    • The Ravens can beat anyone and lose to anyone
    • Looking forward to the Teddy Bridgewater narrative.
  • Saints -6 @ Packers
    • Trap game for the Saints because we can never trust them.
    • Fantasy owners everyone are crying over the Packers. Nothing is good there from any player and Rodgers being out won’t help.
  • Cowboys -5.5 @ 49ers
    • The Cowboys have lost 2 in a row and some of the gleam has worn off. They need a win and big to get their mojo back.
    • The 49ers are 0-6 straight up, but 4-2 against the spread.
  • Seahawks -5.5 @ Giants
    • Now seems like the right time for the Seahawks to start getting their mojo back.
    • Can you name one offensive Giants player starting not named Eli Manning?
  • Panthers -3 @ Bears
    • The Bears are sneaky bad.
    • Luke Kuechly’s health is a question already. That’s bad news for the Panthers.
  • Titans -5.5 @ Browns
    • Browns QB situation a mess again. Just when everyone praised DeShon Kizer as the savior after a Week 1 loss.
    • If the Titans are who we think they are then they should win the division. They have the best QB in the division and there is no JJ Watt or Andrew Luck.
  • Jags -3 @ Colts
    • You are playing with fire if you are willing to lay points with Jacksonville on the road.
    • Remember how many titles the Colts were supposed to win with Andrew Luck?
  • Jets @ Dolphins -3
    • Josh McCown is still the QB for the Jets. They aren’t as good as everyone thinks.
    • In the last two games the Dolphins have beaten the Titans and Falcons. They are an easy team to hate, and even though they are hard to figure out, they are better than public perception.
  • Redskins @ Eagles -4.5 (MNF)
    • It’s not fun or easy to root for the Redskins but this is Kirk Cousin’s opportunity to shine.
    • Carson Wentz being anointed as the second coming of Aaron Rodgers. Feels like he’s passed Dak Prescott.

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