NFL Week 8 Picks ATS

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nfl-week-8-picks-atsAfter five weeks of straight ballin with my picks, Bobby Vegas has turned into Bobby Dumpster Fire. On the heels of a putrid 4-11 performance ATS in Week 6, I followed it up with a slightly improved yet still awful 5-10. At the same time G-Hunt captured his second consecutive victory despite tallying just a 7-8 record.

The lesson here is that I’m due and gonna crush it this week. I proved that I know what I’m doing early in the season, I just hit a string of bad luck (insert chuckle). I still feel confident in how I’m picking games and looking for value. I knew that the Year of Minority wasn’t going to be easy or comfortable, so maybe this is just a test for me to keep on keepin on.

Now time for our NFL Week 8 Picks ATS (lines are from Tuesday):

Chargers @ Broncos -7.5

Greg: Chargers +7.5
Rob: Broncos -7.5

Denver is 3-0 ATS in their last three and last week I said I’m going to be fading the Chargers and that ain’t stopping.

Lions -3.5 @ Falcons

Greg: Falcons +3.5
Rob: Lions -3.5

It’s unfortunate the rest of the world has to watch this Falcons team play.

Ravens @ Bengals -1

Greg: Bengals -1
Rob: Bengals -1

The Ravens are playing well and the Bengals are playing like crap right now. Logic says take the Ravens but winning divisional road games ain’t easy.

Texans -1 @ Titans

Greg: Texans -1
Rob: Texans -1

Bravo to Zach Mettenberger for rocking a sweet stache. That’s about the only thing that will be sweet about his day after JJ Watt tears up that o-line.

Rams @ Chiefs -7

Greg: Chiefs -7
Rob: Chiefs -7

I like this Chiefs team, and even though the Rams had a great win last week, they sure had to pull out all the stops to do it. Roll Tide, I mean Jamaal Charles.

Bears @ Patriots -6.5

Greg: Patriots -6.5
Rob: Bears +6.5

Saw a press conference with Jay Cutler yesterday and he couldn’t have been less emotional. Not that this is anything new, it just adds more fuel to the “why people don’t like Jay Cutler” bandwagon. Thankfully public perception of Jay Cutler’s personality doesn’t matter on Sunday’s. The Patriots play a lot of close games so I’ll take the points.

Bills @ Jets -3

Greg: Bills +3
Rob: Bills +3

Kyle Orton will be the best quarterback on the field in this game. Gulp.

Vikings @ Buccaneers -2.5

Greg: Buccaneers -2.5
Rob: Vikings +2.5

What universe do we live in that the one win Buccaneers are laying points to anyone?

Seahawks -5 @ Panthers

Greg: Panthers +5
Rob: Seahawks -5

The Seahawks are due for a bounce back game and the Panthers are so inconsistent.

Dolphins -5.5 @ Jaguars

Greg: Dolphins -5.5
Rob: Jaguars +5.5

The Jaguars have played three consecutive competitive games, are getting points at home, and 80/20 Rule.

Eagles @ Cardinals -2.5

Greg: Eagles +2.5
Rob: Cardinals -2.5

Playing the number.

Raiders @ Browns -7

Greg: Browns -7
Rob: Raiders +7

I think we all learned a lesson last week when the Browns were favorites on the road and then lost straight up to the then winless Jaguars. Seven points is a lot to lay for any football team.

Colts -2.5 @ Steelers

Greg: Colts -2.5
Rob: Steelers +2.5

80/20 Rule. Imagine if the Steelers somehow win this game straight up. Big Ben is 17-1 in his career in October home games so it’s certainly possible. The Steelers have been inconsistent as a mo fo, but a signature win like this would certainly shake up perceptions.

Packers @ Saints (even)

Greg: Saints
Rob: Packers

I know the Saints are better at home but I have a hard time trusting them right now.

Redskins @ Cowboys -10

Greg: Cowboys -10
Rob: Redskins +10

I saw a stat from Aaron Schatz from Football Outsiders saying that this year’s Cowboys defense is almost as bad as last year. The biggest difference is that the offense is keeping the defense off the field with all the running they are doing. The Cowboys lines are inflated and I’m going to continue to bet against them.

Head-to-Head weekly victories and season record:
G-Hunt (2-4-1): 57-45-3 (55.8%)
Rob (4-2-1): 55-47-3 (53.9%)

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