NFL Week 9 Picks ATS

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nfl-week-9-picks-atsAfter a two week gambling skid that I’ve since erased from my memory like Neil O’Donnell’s performance in the Super Bowl against the Cowboys, Bobby Vegas is back in the green thanks to a 9-6 week. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough as G-Hunt continued his blazing hot pace as he won his third consecutive week thanks to going 10-5. He now sits at a very impressive 57.2% for the year, and I’m not far behind at 54.7%. Both are winning seasons since you only need to hit 52.8%, so in the event that you’ve played every one of either of our picks you are welcome.

Now time for our NFL Week 9 Picks ATS (lines are from Tuesday):

Saints -2 @ Panthers

Greg: Panthers +2
Rob: Saints -2

I hate laying the points on the road on a Thursday night with a team that is coming off a very public win. (in a Dr Nick voice) “Hey everybody, the Saints are back!” I’m not ready to jump back on the Saints bandwagon just yet, especially since they aren’t nearly as good on the road as they are at home, but I just don’t know what I’m getting with the Panthers.

Jaguars @ Bengals -12

Greg: Bengals -12
Rob: Jaguars +12

It’s gross how often I take the Jags but I don’t like laying double digits in an NFL game.

Buccaneers @ Browns -7

Greg: Browns -7
Rob: Buccaneers +7

I also don’t like laying a touchdown with the Browns. The Buccaneers are putrid so I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that being uncomfortable works.

Cardinals @ Cowboys -4

Greg: Cardinals +4
Rob: Cardinals +4

The Cardinals are good and I probably would have taken them regardless of what the line is.

Jets @ Chiefs -10

Greg: Chiefs -10
Rob: Chiefs -10

There are exceptions to every rule. The Jets are that exception. I’d rather go down in flames with the Chiefs then have to trust the Jets for anything.

Chargers @ Dolphins -2

Greg: Chargers +2
Rob: Dolphins -2

I initially had the Chargers then saw that 81% of the bets were coming in on them. 80/20 Rule.

Redskins @ Vikings -2.5

Greg: Vikings -2.5
Rob: Redskins +2.5

Watch RGIII come back and turn the ball over three times as the Redskins get blown out. Shout out to Colt McCoy for his performance the last two weeks. You know it’s a good NFL season when both he and Kyle Orton are getting good run.

Eagles -2.5 @ Texans

Greg: Eagles -2.5
Rob: Texans +2.5

For some reason I feel like I continue to bet against the Eagles even though I’ve got nothing against them. I still have no faith in Ryan Fitzpatrick but I like the way Arian Foster is running and getting points at home.

Rams @ 49ers -10

Greg: 49ers -10
Rob: Rams +10

The Rams typically hang tough with the 49ers and 10 points is a crap ton. Frank Gore’s season has been a disappointment as a fantasy football owner of his.

Broncos -3 @ Patriots

Greg: Patriots +3
Rob: Patriots +3

The Broncos are 4-0 against the spread the last four games but I’ll gladly get points at home with Tom Brady. By the way, this week we created two Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady attack videos: Peyton Manning: What a F***ing Loser and Is Peyton Manning a Cyborg?

Raiders @ Seahawks -15

Greg: Seahawks -15
Rob: Raiders +15

I would have taken David +15 vs Goliath on value alone. Same thing with this plus the Seahawks are 0-3 against the spread their last three.

Ravens @ Steelers (even)

Greg: Steelers
Rob: Steelers

Which Steelers team shows up: the one that lost to the Buccaneers or the one that just beat the Colts? The Steelers have played 6 quarters and 3 minutes of above average football so that’s a positive sign. This week will make it 10 quarters and 3 minutes.

Colts -3 @ Giants

Greg: Colts -3
Rob: Colts -3

I think the Colts are a good team. I never even thought for a second about taking the Giants, which kinda scares me because I don’t think I’m alone in rushing to this decision.

Head-to-Head weekly victories and season record:
G-Hunt (3-4-1): 67-50-3 (57.2%)
Rob (4-3-1): 64-63-3 (54.7%)

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