NHL & NBA Playoff Sports Trivia

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nhl-and-nba-playoff-triviaWith the exception of football season, this might be the best time to be a sports fan. The NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing, which means men are starting to grow facial hair and the Sacramento Kings have started their summer vacation. To get you pumped for non-stop playoff action, here are some NHL and NBA playoff sports trivia questions to get you in the right frame of mind.

1. This NBA legend holds the record for scoring the most points in playoff history. Who is he?

2. Currently, what NHL team has made the most consecutive playoff appearances?

3. What NBA player was the last to win three consecutive MVP awards?

4. What NHL Hall of Fame goalie holds the record for most Conn Smyth (Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP) awards?

5. Since 1968, this NBA team can claim the most NBA Finals MVP award winners. Who are they?

6. Who holds the record for most NHL playoff game appearances by an active player?

7. This NBA player is the youngest to win the NBA Finals MVP award doing it as a rookie at age 20?

8. These tw0 NHL Hall of Famer’s hold the record for most game-winning goals in NHL playoff history? Hint: They were teammates for 18 games in 1996.

9. What NBA player holds the distinction as being the first foreign-born player to win the NBA Finals MVP award? Hint: He did it in back to back seasons.

10. What active NHL team holds the record for the most seasons in existence without ever appearing in a Stanley Cup Final?

11. What dominant NBA player is the only person to ever have over 300 assists in one playoff season dishing 303 dimes?

12. Of all of the NHL & NBA champions, there are three titles winners whose team names do not end in the letter “s”. Who are they?

One of the best aspects of the playoffs is the David vs. Goliath mentality. Here are two of the more memorable ones from over the years (answers after the bump).

The first 8 vs. 1 upset in the NBA.

…and an OT shocker in Game 7 in 1993.

1. Michael Jordan – 5,987 points
2. Detroit Red Wings – 23 straight seasons
3. Larry Bird 1984-1986
4. Patrick Roy – 3 time winner
5. L.A. Lakers with 12 winners
6. Martin Brodeur – 208 games (Jaromir Jagr has 205)
7. Magic Johnson 20 years old in 1980
8. Brett Hull & Wayne Gretzky with 24 game winning goals (both played for the St. Louis Blues)
9. Hakeem Olajuwon 1994-1995
10. San Jose Sharks – 21 seasons dating back to 1991-1992
11. Magic Johnson 303 assists in 1988
12. Miami Heat, Colorado Avalanche & Tampa Bay Lightning


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