What’s crackalacking so far in the NHL playoffs

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nhl-playoffs-pens-senatorsWe are nearing the halfway point of the Stanley Cup pursuit and while it makes me a little sad that there are no longer three games on every night, the lighter schedule does give us a little breathing room to take a look at some of the matchups in progress.

BLACKHAWKS-RED WINGS (Red Wings lead 2-1)

The best team in the regular season is down 2-1 in the series to the surging Wings. This has fans in Chicago panicking like those people in the movie Airplane 2 when they announce they are out of coffee. The Red Wings are playing the underdog card and Datsyuk and Zetterberg have been uncontainable so far. Blackhawk fans need to take a chill pill and understand the road to the Cup doesn’t come without some adversity along the way.

Prediction: Too close to call, but give me seven games of Datsyukian magic and Kaner dangles and I can die a happy man like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.

KINGS-SHARKS (Series tied 2-2)

Will the Sharks break their playoff curse this year? They were on fire in the first round against Vancouver but got a slow start out of the gate against the defending champion Kings. But with the series tied at two games apiece, the Sharks look to be returning to their first round form. It’s hard to root for any team that signs Raffi Torres, seriously what’s wrong with that dude? I get distracted watching two West Coast teams play, because I start to imagine all the sweet talent they pull on the West Coast. I imagine the New York Rangers can do pretty well too and that players in Columbus remain celibate.

Prediction: None, I just wish I could stay awake to watch a full game.

BRUINS-RANGERS (Bruins lead 3-0)

The Rangers must be distracted by all that near West Coast quality talent they are pulling. Down 3-0, I can only dream of what Tortorella is saying in that locker room. This has been a hard series to watch. It’s been pretty sloppy and I can’t find a reason to root for either of these teams right now. I hope that the Rangers win Game 4 and make the series somewhat interesting.

Prediction: None, I keep watching the Bruins thinking, why are they playing? Where are the Leafs?


Is it just me or does anyone else get the sense that the Penguins are toying with the Senators like Orcas batting around a helpless Sea Lion. The Penguins have spent the series looking like the Harlem Globetrotters at times, but the Senators have hung around because the Penguins have also looked like a Beer League team just going through the motions. The switch to Vokoun has helped. Sure he’s let in some softies, but at least he hasn’t put any pucks into his own net like Fleury.

Prediction: It’s not a question of if the Penguins will win, but when. They may have one more rec league performance in them.



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