NHL Sports Trivia Quiz

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nhl-sports-triviaWith the Olympics in full swing and the USA Men’s Olympic hockey team in prime position to medal, there is no better time than now to test your NHL sports trivia knowledge.

1. This Original 6 team holds the record for most consecutive playoff appearances from the ’67-’68 season to the ’96-’97 season?

2. What NHL Hall of Famer holds the record for most points in a season by a defenseman?

3. What former Dallas Star is the current record holder for most points by an American?

4. What long-time Buffalo Sabres goalie has the highest all-time save percentage?

5. What two players were the youngest to win the Hart Trophy (NHL MVP) at age 19?

6. What NHL team currently has the longest Stanley Cup drought dating back to the ’66-’67 season?

7. This current NHL goalie holds the record for most games played in the crease with over 200 more games than the #2?

8. Who was the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup?

9. This future NHL Hall of Famer holds the record for appearing in the most playoff games in a career? Hint: He played a total of 26 NHL seasons as a defenseman.

10. From 1946-1971, this NHL legend played the most games for one franchise in league history. Who is he?

11. Can you name the defunct hockey team that matches each of the logos below?

a.  nordique

b. whaler

c. northstar

d. thrashers

e. colorado hockey

Now, for your entertainment, here is one of the most classic hockey scenes in recent memory. It’s so money! I’ll drop the answers after the bump.

And, of course, in honor of the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team.

1. Boston Bruins
2. Bobby Orr – 139 points ’70-‘71
3. Mike Modano – 1,374 points
4. Dominik Hasek – .922%
5. Wayne Gretzky & Sidney Crosby
6. Toronto Maple Leafs 45 seasons
7. Martin Brodeur – 1,248
8. Montreal Canadiens ’92-‘93
9. Chris Chelios – 266 games
10. Gordie Howe – 1,687 games for Detroit
a. Quebec Nordiques.
b. Hartford Whalers
c. Minnesota North Stars
d. Atlanta Thrashers
e. Colorado Rockies



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