No Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, or Jeremy Lin

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It is not uncommon for me to watch Sportscenter twice in a row (I’m looking for suggestions on what to call this, if you’ve got one let me here it) but since Peyton Manning decided to sign with the Denver Broncos and then Tim Tebow was promptly traded to the New York Jets I knew that we were in for media overkill. ESPN has a way of taking a story and then talking about it to the point that you’d rather drink Zima for a month then hear one more second about the story. Tim Tebow + Jeremy Lin in New York together + Peyton Manning = me no longer watching ESPN for the next few days except to catch March Madness analysis (which will be very minimal). Because of this I’ll refrain from any Tebow/Lin/Manning insight and instead give you some stuff that I find awesome and I’m sure you will too.

Here’s a video of Stephen Curry putting a sick move on Chris “Birdman” Andersen. I enjoyed this because Stephen Curry is injured so often that you rarely get to see him on the court (which is a shame because he’s a good player). Plus, I live by the rule ABATT: All Birdman All The Time. I can’t get enough of him (good or bad).

Pop Quiz: Which school did Robert Parish go to? I’ll give you the answer after this video of Parish tomahawk punching Bill Laimbeer in the face. I was a Bulls fan in the MJ era and because of this hated the Detroit Pistons and especially Bill Laimbeer. That made watching this video that much more enjoyable. One last thing to add, a friend of mine is from Detroit and claims that it is known that Bill Laimbeer has never cheated on his wife. I tend to believe this statement because it’s the opposite of what you’d expect to hear about an NBA player. It also makes me laugh every time I hear it.

The Chief went to Centenary College of Louisiana. (Special shout out to Kenny Schulman for dropping this knowledge).

Keeping with the Boston Celtics theme, take a look at this incredible behind the backboard shot by Larry Bird in a preseason game against the Houston Rockets. It’s things like this that got me loving the NBA (I’m talking about the mustaches that the players had as well as the fantastic attire). By the way, great outlet pass by The Chief and horrible fast break pass by Sam Vincent.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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