Not one but two fly Craig Sager suits

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craig sager suits times two

Once again we are giving you a double dose of the sweetness that is Craig Sager’s suits. Last night at the Knicks vs Pacers game he went with a relatively tame blue suit that looked like a cross between burlap and a Canadian tuxedo. Not his best effort but as you can see, Mike Woodson is definitely mesmerized by it. It’s like the suit has turned Woodson and his amazing hair filled goatee into some sort of stoned robot.

craig sager suit mike woodson

Sager must have been feeling very Milwaukee Bucksey as this suit screams Brad Lohaus. Nothing says NBA on TNT like wintergreen velvet. Well done Sager, well done.

craig sager green suit

If you want to see more of Craig Sager and the dapper suits that he’s rocked then check it. We’ve got the largest compilation of the suits that he’s rocked over the last two years.

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