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bacon sports triviaWhen God created me he gave me a few extra doses of sports and took away the ability to remember dates/holidays as well as anything to do with directions (ex. getting from point A to point B). I haven’t watched the news more than 5 times in my life (and that’s being generous) and if it’s not on ESPN I probably didn’t see it. My favorite show was ESPN’s 2 Minute Drill, the greatest sports trivia show ever. As someone who prides himself on being smarter than everyone else at random sports facts having a show test my sports knowledge was heaven. Unfortunately ESPN took 2 Minute Drill off the air and now there is a sports trivia void left in my heart.

That is why every Friday (hopefully) I am going to create my own sports trivia so that you can test your knowledge and/or learn something. This trivia is going to be much harder, fun, and unique than most that you’ll see so it’ll definitely test your all around skills and hopefully make you a more knowledgeable sports fan.

The topics could range from: where did they go to college, what was their jersey number, who is this Sportscenter anchor/sideline reporter, what is their mascot, who’s baseball card is this, to which teams someone played for, record breaking stats, awards, and everyday sports happenings. After seeing some of the stuff I’m going to drop on you you’ll be able to impress your friends and random people at the bar with the newfound knowledge that you have. The answers to these questions will be at the bottom of this article. As Big John McCarthy says, “Lets Get It On!”

  1. I’ll start you off with an easy one: Name all five members of Michigan’s Fab 5.
  2. When 14 seed Weber State defeated the 3 seed North Carolina Tarheels in the NCAA tournament what was the name of the player on Weber State that blew up and was the main reason they won the game? Bonus point: what was his nickname?
  3. What school did ESPN Analyst Doug Gottlieb get kicked out of?
  4. ESPN Analyst Digger Phelps matches what two things every time he’s on TV?
  5. How many fouls does a player get in college basketball before he fouls out? What about the NBA? (this is super easy)
  6. Which NBA team did Dick Vitale coach?
  7. Which team drafted Kobe Bryant?
  8. Vince Carter was traded for which player on draft day?
  9. Which team did Mitch Richmond win an NBA title with?
  10. What was Robert Parish jersey number when on the Boston Celtics?
  11. Women’s pool player Jeanette Lee (see picture) has what nickname?
  12. Ray Guy played what position (there is a freaking college football award named after him so this isn’t that obscure of a question)?
  13. Which school was “The Pony Express”? (easy)
  14. What was Rocket Ismail’s brothers name (he made it to the NFL)? What was his nickname? Bonus points: what school did his brother go to?
  15. PacMan Jones went to which school?
  16. Who got the hit and who scored the winning run for the New York Mets on the infamous Bill Buckner play? Bonus Points: Which female athlete was the player that scored the winning run married to?
  17. Name two schools that Urban Meyer coached at other than Florida and soon to be Ohio State?
  18. Kirk Herbstreit was a quarterback for which school? (easy)
  19. Lee Corso played college football at which school? Bonus point: who was his roommate?
  20. Name two Marshall Thundering Hurd quarterbacks?

I’m writing this post while on an airplane with no Wi-Fi. Because of this all of these questions/answers just came off the top of my head. Therefore I deem this first round of trivia fairly easy (I’d give it a 4 out of 10 on the difficulty scale). Next time I’ll make sure to add some visual elements to this to make it more challenging/fun.


  1. Chris Weber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard (who amazingly is still in the NBA), Jimmy King, Ray Jackson
  2. Harold “The Show” Arceneaux
  3. Notre Dame
  4. His tie and his highlighter
  5. College: 5, NBA: 6
  6. Detroit Pistons
  7. Charlotte Hornets. He was then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for Vlade Divac.
  8. Antawn Jamison
  9. Los Angeles Lakers
  10. Double zero
  11. The Black Widow
  12. He was a punter. College football hands out the Ray Guy award to the nations best punter.
  13. SMU
  14. Qadry Ismail. The Missle. Syracuse.
  15. West Virginia
  16. Hit: Mookie Wilson. Run: Ray Knight. He was married to LPGA star Nancy Lopez.
  17. Utah and Bowling Green
  18. Ohio St
  19. Florida State Seminoles. His roommate was Burt Reynolds.
  20. The obvious ones are Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich.


20-24 points –You are the Phil Jackson of sports trivia, very nice work.
15-20 points –You are like Andre Iguodala. You aren’t quite elite but you are still pretty good.
10-15 points – You’ve got potential but like Ricky Rubio’s shooting percentage, you still need some work.
5-10 points – You probably had all four number one seeds in the Final Four.
0-5 points – Dwight Howard shoots better free throws than you are at sports trivia.


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Rob Cressy

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