Opening Night at Wrigley 2015: the Perfect Storm of Awesomeness

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One of the things that I love so much about living in Chicago is the sports. It is the greatest sports city in the nation (regardless of if you root for any of their teams) and what better way to kick off the 2015 MLB season than in half built Wrigley Field on a comfortable Easter Sunday against the hated rival St. Louis Cardinals. It was the perfect storm of awesomeness and the fans of Wrigley were stylin n’ profilin and most certainly didn’t disappoint.

I got to Wrigley about two hours before the game looking to find G-Hunt, who was posted up at the Cubs owner’s party at Sports Corner, when I came across my first jersey of the baseball season. A Jose Oquendo Cardinals jersey, aka the #1 Cardinals random jersey on my list and an absolute home run jersey if you actually know who he is. The dude played every position!



This was the view of Wrigley Field looking out the window from the second level at Sports Corner.


Because we were at the Cubs owner’s party there were lots of interesting people floating around, including Smashing Pumpkins lead singer and Chicago Cubs fan Billy Corgan. Dr. Marten’s wearing Freshman in high school me would have lost his shit. I told Billy Corgan that I used to draw the Smashing Pumpkins logo on my backpack back in the day and they were my favorite band ever. He was super cool and was really candid, which was refreshing.


Mrs. Bacon looking good in her Bacon Sports Tecmo Bowl shirt! This blue velvet jacket I was rocking was a huge hit. I had no less than 10 people stop me on the street or touch it (some without asking me) throughout the night. Get used to seeing it.


We wanted to get a better essence of Wrigley so we left Sports Corner and sauntered up Clark St to see what was cooking there. Per usual there was about 9 billion people taking a picture in front of the Wrigley Field sign. Shout out to the Cubs for having a significantly better looking player marquee than last year. Joe Madden, Jon Lester, and Starlin Castro are definitely something to get excited about.


What we’ve got here is a sweet Will Ferrell Cubs shirsey. If this doesn’t personify being a Cubs fan then I don’t know what does. Being a social Cubs fan is about having a good time and who says having a good time better than the guy that played Frank The Tank?!


I got really excited when I saw this Dusty Baker Cubs jersey. I mean, come on. Really? I guess if you are a toothpick guy I’ll allow it. By the way, I don’t think Dusty Baker ever wore #99 on the Cubs (from what I could find) so I’m guessing this is actually a customized jersey. Hit me up on Twitter @BaconSports if you know otherwise.


I’m a big fan of Greg Maddux Cubs jerseys. If I ever got a Cubs jersey it would probably be a Greg Maddux. His excellence was so badass.


We had some friends at Deuce’s who had a free drink hookup (shout out to Mark Biery from LTS Chicago for the hookup) so we kicked it there for our next set of beers. Because of the volume of people, there were an ample amount of jerseys. Like a yinzer rocking a Troy Polamalu jersey at WrestleMania, this is the Chicago version: a dude in a Devin Hester Bears jersey in April.


Last year Cubs fans took their absurd custom jerseys to a level I didn’t think possible. Case in point, this Brett Favre Cubs jersey. When I saw this LeBron Cubs jersey from across the bar I damn near had a sports seizure. How could a Cubs fan, who I assume is also a Bulls fan, even fathom putting LeBron James name on the back of a jersey? That’s blasphemy.

Upon talking to this guy, who was really cool, I found out that he’s a long time Cubs fan who’s had this jersey since before LeBron James was in the NBA. It just so happens that his last name is LeBron, thus the LeBron Cubs jersey. We can all settle down now that we know that.


I couldn’t figure out why someone would be wearing a T.J. Oshie Blues jersey during Opening Night in Wrigley. Was he really that big of an Olympic hockey fan? Then I realized that the Blues were playing the Blackhawks in Chicago and it all made sense. What a night for this guy, the Blues and Cardinals both playing in Chicago at the same time.


The line for the men’s bathroom inside Wrigley Field extended onto Clark St.

This dude had a sweet ride and was some sort of Chicago superfan. One day I hope to own a car, conversion van or RV decked out in teams colors with multiple flags.

I’m looking forward to what’s going to be an awesome 2015 Cubs season in Wrigley filled with many beers, jeers, and tears. If you are Wrigley sports bar or company interested in being featured this season then hit me up here.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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