Opening Round NCAA Tournament Trivia

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ncaa tournament trivia

Christmas morning for sports fans is here with the arrival of March Madness and the NCAA tournament. Work productivity will almost certainly grind to a halt as avid fans second-guess pick after pick to fill out bracket after bracket in order to win the office pool when in the end Marge from Accounting wins it all because she picks teams by jersey color. In between picks, test your tournament knowledge with some of these opening round NCAA Tournament trivia questions.

1. This current A-10 conference member was the first #15 seed to beat a #2 seed when they beat Syracuse in 1991. Who are they?

2. Currently, this school holds the all-time record for most consecutive NCAA tournament appearances with 27. Who are they?

3. Since 1987 when triple-doubles were first recorded, what player, mediocre rapper, and atrocious actor holds the distinction of being the first player to record a triple double in the first round of the NCAA tournament, which he did in 1992?

4. Currently, this team holds the distinction for having the most wins in a season and not getting an invite to the NCAA tournament. It happened to them twice in consecutive years. (Hint: They are in the tournament this season as a #16 seed).

5. What Big-10 team can claim to have the most appearances in the NCAA tournament?

6. Can you name one of two teams with the lowest winning percentage ever to get an at-large tourney invite? (Hint: It happened to a Big East team in 1991 & an SEC team in 2001).

7. In 1970, former Cleveland Cavaliers star Austin Carr scored a current-record 61 points in Notre Dame’s opening round NCAA tournament game against what MAC school. (Hint: Shaq of the MAC)

8. In 1995, this UCLA Bruin went coast-to-coast to hit a buzzer beater against Missouri in the second round to preserve a national title run. Who is he?

9. Since 1982, when first round tournament byes were eliminated, UNC has only lost their opening round tournament game one time. What school defeated them? (Hint: Show)

10. Can you name these NCAA Tournament legends?






I’ll give you the answer after these Gus Johnson orgasms…

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1. Richmond Spiders
2. North Carolina 27 straight from 1975-2001
3. Shaquille O’Neal 26 points, 13 rebounds, 11 blocks
4. Coastal Carolina 28 wins in 2010 & 2011
5. Indiana with 35
6. Villanova & Georgia 16-14
7. Ohio University
8. Tyus Edney
9. Weber State
10. Taylor Coppenrath – Vermont
Ali Farohkmanesh – Northern Iowa
Bryant “Big Country” Reeves – Oklahoma St.
Yinka Dare – George Washington
Bo Kimble – Loyola Marymount

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