Obnoxious Packers Fan Custom Jersey

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Congratulations to this Packers fan for letting the rest of the world know how obnoxious and homer they are by rocking this Shareholder custom jersey.

We all get it, you can buy a share of stock in the Packers for $250 and you can pretend that you own the team. Bravo for falling for one of the more brilliant marketing ploys ever.

A share of stock in the Packers amounts to nothing more than a $250 piece of paper that has no value. It can’t be sold or appreciate and you don’t get any special perks like hot tubbing with Mark Chmura golfing with Aaron Rodgers. For that kind of money I’d much rather have this awesome $250 burger.

H/T: Marty the One Man Party


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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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