Perfect Darts Game Sends Crowd Into Frenzy

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At the Bacon Skybox we are often working on our darts game. If I’m lucky I can hit two 20’s out of three throws and maybe once every few games I’ll get a triple 20. I’m above average/good at darts and do my best work while holding a beer.

On the other end of the spectrum is this dude Adrian Lewis who is a professional darts player (talk about a great life choice). At the 2015 World Darts Championships he went all Don Larsen (who threw a perfect game in the World Series) by throwing a perfect game at 501. What’s a perfect darts game at 501? Using only the minimum 9 throws to win. Here’s a video of the amazing perfect darts game feat.

My knowledge of the World Darts Championship is limited to this video but I assume this is the Super Bowl of darts and is a big deal. Obviously the perfect darts game is impressive, it’s only happened 42 times before over 30 years of televised matches, but to perform on the highest stage is a thing of legends. It’s the opposite of Andy Dalton.

Wait, televised matches? Yep, apparently darts is televised just like bowling is (shout out to Pete Weber). You don’t know the channel, you only hope to get lucky. I’d probably search channels that have fishing and start there.

What stuck out to me the most was the size of the crowd at the World Darts Championship and how bonkers they were going. It was like a WrestleMania Mega Powers Collide type atmosphere in there.


And not only that, people were dressed up, some like Where’s Waldo, holding 180 signs. Apparently 180 signs are like holding up a 10 sign at the slam dunk contest. Absolute madness.

I’d be remiss to not talk about how much of a baller Adrian Lewis is during and after throwing the perfect darts game. He shrugs his shoulders like a boss as if it was business as usual. There’s only one other person in the world that I know of that expects to be perfect like that.

H/T: BroBible 

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