Pete Rose: Expos Legend

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pete-rose-expos-jerseyThe Washington Nationals are the top seed in the National League playoffs and I’d like to think that it is partly because of Pete Rose’s time with the Montreal Expos. Pete Rose played 95 games with the Expos in 1984, hitting a pedestrian .259 with no dingers and only 23 RBI’s. How very Juan Pierre of him. However, Pete Rose’s 4,000th career hit came as a member of the Montreal Expos. Only one other player ever had 4,000 hits (Ty Cobb). The exclusivity of this feat never wears off and likely serves as motivation for Bryce Harper Anthony Rendon to one day join Pete Rose as the second player to have his 4,000th hit in a Expos Nationals uniform.

While Pete’s Expos numbers are nothing to write home about, it’s his contribution to the random jersey game that best defines his time with the Expos (especially if it’s a Rock Raines or Hawk Dawson). Seeing anyone rock an Expos jersey is worthy of much dap. Seeing a high school kid rock a Pete Rose Expos jersey, which is the case of where this jersey came from, is next level awesome.

Thanks for your time with the Expos Pete Rose. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

H/T: Star Tribune


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