This Jersey Is Worse Than Peyton Manning in the Playoffs

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The “who’s better: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady” narrative is running on fumes, and quite frankly I think it was over when Peyton Manning and the Broncos got smoked in the Super Bowl last year.

I’ve always been in the camp of Tom Brady having more Super Bowl victories being the end all be all when comparing the two. There are tons of ways to evaluate a quarterback but at the highest level it’s about championships and winning. Regular season stats and all that other stuff come after.

The fact that Peyton Manning has the NFL record for most times losing his first game of the playoffs (9) is just icing on the cake. Manning is a different quarterback when it matters most, the same can’t be said for Tom Brady, who seems to rise to the occasion.

“But it’s a team game, you can’t blame Manning for the defense or what happens with other players.” If he’s going to get the credit in the wins then he has to get the blame in the losses, especially home playoff losses to a Colts team that gave up 51 points and 522 yards passing to the Steelers. They were hardly a juggernaut.

Now that that debate is over, let’s talk about how awful this custom half and half Peyton Manning jersey is. We get it, you love Peyton Manning more than any one team and you want to show you support for him. That’s lame as shit.

From the back this guy reminds me of Fritzy from the Dan Patrick Show. Only difference is that this dude probably can’t sink Hall & Oats as well (fast forward to 1:09 to hear him belt it out).



H/T: Matty Glams

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