Pick Em College Hoops Challenge – 2012 Edition

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It’s time for you to feed your addiction once again as welcomes you to the 2012-2013 edition of the Pick Em’ College Hoops Challenge!

For those of you who are new to this you are in for a treat. For those who have played this in years past welcome back. This is a simple, yet very fun way to follow the college basketball season and potentially win some nice cash. All you have to do is pick 5 teams within a 100 point budget and root for them to win (you follow them all season, no other transactions are made). Below are the rules and details of the league (very important, you’ll want to read them as it tells everything about the league) as well as the point values for the teams. The teams that aren’t listed cost $0. The entry fee is $25 and I only accept Paypal (send to: theohiosteelerfan at yahoo dot com – make sure to select “personal – payment owed”). Tell your friends, tell your friend’s friends, coworkers, bookies, girlfriends, Shawn Respert, God Shammgod, Dukie V, Bryce Drew, and anyone else who likes college basketball.  The more people we get the more money that is paid out. I will pay out 100% of the money that is brought in. All entrys are due back to me by THURSDAY, NOV 8 at Noon. Please email them to rob at baconsports dot com.


1. Each team owner has a salary cap of 100 points

2. Each team owner must choose 5 Division I teams


* Every other Division I program not priced in my e-mail is free (Costs 0 points)

* You do not need to spend all 100 points (though most people do). The salary cap is used so every owner doesn’t have identical teams.

Team Prices







Ohio State




North Carolina State










North Carolina








Michigan State








San Diego State






Notre Dame








Florida State


St Louis


Murray State


Virginia Commonwealth


Kansas State


New Mexico


St Mary’s









Scoring (Regular Season)

1.  For each win any one of your teams gets you receive 3 points. For every loss by one of your teams you are deducted 1 point. For example, if I take North Carolina and they go 31-2…I get 91 points. If you take Eastern Kentucky and they go 11-20…you get 13 points. It is possible to pick a team and receive negative points (ex. 6-22 would be -4). Each of your five teams totals will be added for your overall score.

2. After the conference tournaments and before the NCAA Selection show we will add up each teams total and award a Regular Season winner and runner up.

Scoring part 2 (NCAA Tournament)

1. When the seeds for the NCAA tournament are announced there will be bonus points added for all teams qualifying for the tournament. They are as follows:

#1 Seed = 15 points

#2 Seed = 12 points

#3 Seed = 10 points

#4 Seed = 8 points

#5-16 Seed’s = 5 points

* No points will be awarded for post season NIT Tournament entry or victories. All teams not qualifying for the NCAA’s Tournament will not receive further points.

2. Advancement in the NCAA Tournament will be scored as follows:

Round of 32 = 5 points

Sweet 16 = 10 points (15 total)

Elite 8 = 15 points (30 total)

Final 4 = 20 points (50 total)

Final Game = 25 points (75 total)

Champion = 30 points (105 total)

For instance, a team going to the Final 4 will receive 50 points (not including points for the NCAA Tournament seed) (5+10+15+20) added to their regular season total. After the NCAA Final game all owners will have a total score for all 5 teams (regular + post season) and we will award the season ending Champion and runner-up.


TBD. 100% will be paid out. Divisions will be formed but the amount of teams per division will be determined by how many teams enter the league. Last year we had 69 teams, 7 divisions, and each division had either 9 or 10 teams. There will be a payout for each regular season division champ and each entire year division champ as well as the regular season first place overall. There will also be a payout to the overall winner for the entire year plus the runner up. If there are enough entries we’ll pay out another overall entire year spot or two.

* Entry fee is $25.

* Please send via Paypal to: theohiosteelerfan at yahoo dot com and send it as “personal – payment owed”. I do not want to be responsible for paying fees. This is 2012 so if you don’t have Paypal then please throw away your Apple IIGS computer and get with the times.

* So that I’m clear I will put this in all capital letters so that there is no conceivable way someone can screw this up (which happens every year). WHEN SENDING VIA PAYPAL MAKE SURE TO SEND THE ENTRY FEE AS “PERSONAL – PAYMENT OWED”. In the event that you don’t do this I will be deducing 20 points from your overall total points scored for you being completely stupid and not being able to follow the simplest of directions.

* Final teams rosters due by Noon on Thursday, November 8, 2012 to: rob at baconsports dot com
* Owners are allowed to buy more than one entry.
* All entry fees must be paid by Thursday, November 8 (which is the day before the first games take place). If you send me a roster and do not pay once the season starts I will delete your team and you will not be eligible to win money.
* Here’s last years payouts to help put things into perspective:

1st Place Division – Regular Season:


Regular Season 1st Place Overall:


Regular Season 2nd Place Overall:


Regular Season 3rd Place Overall:


1st Place Division Entire Season:


Entire Season 1st Place Overall:


Entire Season 2nd Place Overall:


Entire Season 3rd Place Overall:



1. Check the teams schedules. Some teams play more games than others. Also note which teams play in preseason and conference tournaments.

2. Exhibition games do not count. When Kentucky demolishes the LA Gear All Stars it counts for nothing. All disputes will be settled by and/or

3.  In case two team owners have identical team rosters I will ask them to pick a team that costs zero points. That team total WILL NOT be added to their totals, but instead will be used to determine any tie breakers. Any further ties will be handled by the flip of a coin (which has never happened).

4. Please pass this on to anyone who is a sports/college hoops fan, knows who Bo Kimble is, enjoys betting, works with you, is one of Shawn Kemp’s children, or yes…is even your girlfriend.  The more people we get the better this will be and the more money will be paid out so invite everyone you know.

5. Once you select your team(s) there is nothing else to do except to watch college hoops and root for your teams. That’s how simple this is and is why even your girlfriend can do it (a girl finished in the money last year).

6. Here is who the owners that finished in the top three overall took last year:

#1 overall: Harvard, Kentucky, Syracuse, UNLV, Washington

#2 overall: Belmont, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Michigan St, Temple

#3 overall: Belmont, Duke, Kentucky, Saint Mary’s, UNLV

7. Even if the squad you put together does not do well in the regular that does not mean that you are out of it. A few years ago a guy that was in 5th to last before the tournament started finished in the top five overall because he had three of the four Final Four teams. The NCAA tournament can really shake things up.

Submit Entry

Please send your team selections to: rob at baconsports dot com. Once I receive it I’ll send you a confirmation email so if you do not receive an email back from me then it means that I did not receive your entry(s). If you have multiple entry’s please make sure that is clear. I’ll make sure to not put both of your teams in the same division. Also, if you have a friend(s) that you’d like to be in their division let me know. I encourage multiple entries as it only takes one team to royally screw over your entire squad. For those of you who draft only one team don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Good Luck.

Rob Cressy

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