Pirates Fan Advisor: What A Joke

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Since I’m a yinzer I’m trolling for Penguins/Pirates/Steelers information on a pretty regular basis. For the first time since I had hair on my balls the Pirates are doing well and dare I say it….might finish above .500. Because of this I have more Twitter feeds open about the Bucos then usual. Today I came across something called the and Tweets talking about how I should follow the #DearPiratesFanAdvisor hash tag (I recommend following it, there’s some funny stuff on there). I decided to go to the site and put the hash tag into TweetDeck (this was around noon) but then I didn’t look at it again until about 5 pm. Upon coming back I see that some sort of blow up has happened and this actually got picked up by Deadspin as a story. The concept of is so absurd that it’s funny. Actually it’s beyond funny. To think that anything that this site/advisor service of fans does has any influence on the decisions of the Pittsburgh Pirates would be ludicrous. Here’s the link to Deadspin’s breakdown of what is actually entailed in this network (no need for me to repeat it). That article has some links to that no longer work. Why is that? Because apparently so many people were making fun of this concept/site that it got picked up by other sites and blew completely out of proportion….or at least that’s the relative gist of what the owners of say on their homepage letter to everyone. Right now you can’t go to any of the pages on the site or see what all the fuss was about. Thankfully that’s where I come in. I had the “Subscription” page open in my browser for the last 5 hours and am just getting around to looking at it now. Below is everything that was on this page. Feel free to read it very thoroughly if you would like a good laugh. I think I’m going to start hoping for a pet unicorn because that has as much of a chance of happening as the Pirates listening to what a bunch of super fans say about whether Kevin Correia deserves to keep a spot in the rotation.

Pirates Fan Advisor Top
Pirates Fan Advisor 1
Pirates Fan Advisor Bottom

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