Pittsburgh Pirates Gene Lamont random jersey sighting

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gene-lamont-jerseySay hello to a walk-off jersey. Anything that I say won’t do justice to how awesome and random/bad this jersey is but I’ll try anyways. For those of you who don’t live in Pittsburgh and have no clue who this is check it. This is a Gene Lamont jersey. Who is Gene Lamont? He was the ex-Third Base coach for the Bucos teams that were Managed by Jim Leyland in the early 90’s (aka “the good years”) and later became the Manager for the late 90’s teams which went no where. What would compel someone to buy any Bucos jersey of the last 20 years other than Jason Kendall or Andrew McCutchen I have no clue. Buying the jersey of a Manager/Third Base coach is incomprehensible.

This random jersey was sent in by die hard Bucos fan Rob Judge who conveys this story. “I asked the dude if I could take pic. He looked at me strange. I’m like your the one wearing a Gene Lamont jersey”. Exactly.

This jersey is the third candidate for jersey of the year so far. The other two are a Chris Mills Cavs jersey captured in Brussels and a Sam Hurd Bears jersey.

If you see a bad or random jersey on the street or being rocked in a place where it probably shouldn’t then snap a pic and send it to us. We are working on compiling the greatest database of random jerseys known to man. 

Rob Cressy

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