NFL fans are passionate, loyal, and love talking about their team. For brands that want to have NFL fans part of their tribe, they need to become one of them. They need to create content that is native to the way fans interact with friends and fans of their favorite team, and they need to do so in a fun and engaging way. By doing this you can start giving fans a reason to look forward to hearing from you again.

This case study delves into how we engaged NFL fans and increased brand awareness on Facebook for Fangirl Sports Network.


With our project for Fangirl Sports Network our goal was to increase brand awareness and engage fans of the Patriots, Chiefs, Rams, and Eagles on Facebook for each of the respective Fangirl Sports Network team accounts.


So often in sports media the content is homogenous and does not offer opportunities for fans to engage with the content. On top of that many brands fail to do so in a language that resonates with the way NFL fans actually talk.

Format & Execution:

Our strategy to build awareness and engagement for the four Fangirl Sports Network teams (Patriots, Chiefs, Rams, Eagles) was to give fans the opportunity to talk about their team as if they were hanging out with their friends. What would be the conversations they are having during the week or at a tailgate?

The content we created was evergreen in nature, that way it had a longer shelf life, which allowed for continuous engagement. We then supported it with a high quality image to help the content stand out.


Here is a look at our portfolio of the best images we created for the entire Fangirl Sports Network:


NFL fans love to talk so brands need to give them that opportunity. By putting your audience first and thinking about what you can do to make them part of the conversation, you put yourself in a position to succeed and to increase your Know, Love, & Trust factor. When you do this consistently, in a fun and engaging way, your brand will grow.

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